Garden Makeover: The Designing Idea

 The Designing Garden Idea

The Designing Garden Idea
 The Designing Garden Idea

Designing of garden is an art depends upon the creativity and wish of using it. The garden design can be done by a designer or themselves who need it as their wish .The designing and maintaining the garden can be a hobby or  occupation .hobby of designing a garden will be in style of their wish .occupational gardening depends upon on some  principles and condition of raise and grow up.

Art of designing garden depends upon some factors :

  • Designing of garden or forming of garden is a study of etymology which depends upon the horticulture.
  • Designing of garden depends on some principles like location exist, distance between plants, quantity of water ,quantity of soil ,change of soil in time of periods etc..
  • The designers are trained up with practise of gardening where they work for some of the nurseries their maintenance .
  • Garden plants are depends upon the planting height ,colour ,texture , fragrance etc..  and their protection  all should be designed at once when the plantation is going because when once the plantation is done it cannot be moved excepts the pots, containers etc..

Landscape designing of garden with essentials:

  1. The landscape designing of garden is usually seen in other countries and hotels ,big buildings and parks .it was a combination plants and stones, rocks especially grass was more used in this designing.
  2. It works on the place requirement plants to be used and stones there , according their dependency.
  3. But the landscape designing should be done in a discipline manner with complete planning because once it was done it cannot rebuked and it was impossible .

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