3 Great Ways to Improve Your Garden

 Great Ways to Improve Your Garden

Improve Your Garden
Improve Your Garden
There is a lot of space in your back garden and you have always dreamt about a pool, but there’s not enough room for a real swimming pool and you still want to have that feeling of sitting in peace among flowers and shrubs on a summer’s evening.


Install a swim spa in that space by the lawn. This gives a constant current that you can swim against and keep fit. Adjust the current to everyone’s ability. When it’s switched off, the spa becomes a garden pool that is ideal for children to play in and around. A spa is also an ideal way of teaching children to swim. Children don’t have to feel shy in a large public pool and will be able to relax in the water. You can turn off the current whenever a child becomes nervous. There’s always some size of spa that can fit into any garden space. Some can be quite compact at just a few metres in length while others can measure up to 15 metres.


Flowers cheer up every part of the garden at any time of year. Begonias, marigolds, geraniums and petunias can be planted from springtime and will flower through the autumn. You always will be able to buy flowering plants in summer for that instant colour fix. Plant them along pathways, borders of the lawn and under trees. Place some in tubs in a seating area near the spa.

Plant roses for a more stunning colour effect. Make sure that they have plenty of light and are in well-drained soil. Hydrangeas and even lilies fit perfectly in shadier positions. If you have the time and space in the garden, trying planting trees that change shade over the year. Japanese Acers are ideal for this purpose. A mountain ash will take some time to mature, but its red and gold autumnal leaves are beautiful and the red berries will attract birds.


Give your garden a magical touch by installing solar lights. You don’t have to bother with wiring lights to the mains. If you would like a brighter effect but do not want any wiring, try LED lights. These come in all varieties of shapes and colours and will work throughout the evening when connected to a rechargeable battery. Spotlights connected to the house wiring and attached to its exterior walls will illuminate pathways to the garden. You could also focus them on trees, shrubs, flowerbeds or even the spa to produce a more dramatic effect.

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