How Setup A Simple Indoor Garden

Simple Indoor Garden

Setup A Simple Indoor Garden
indoor gardening

Have you ever wanted to set up an indoor garden so that you could enjoy all of the benefits of home gardening but failed to do so because you were not able to figure out how to do so? Do you have limited space but want to have a garden so that you can enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers? If you answered yes then you are in luck because today we are going to be talking about a very easy but very effective way to set up an indoor garden.

The first thing that you are going to do when creating your garden is to gather up all of the materials. Some of the basics that you cannot go without are: soil preferably a potting variety, plants any will do but try and stay away from both seeds and very large trees as they both require a little more time and experience, a garden pot preferably one that contains holes in the bottom for drainage and a drain plate. All of the things above are required for your plants to be successful some of the others that are not required but will greatly help your chances of success are grow lights preferably LED grow lights as they are easy to operate and do not take a lot of power to run, a good quality fertilizer I use triple ten on all of my new plants as it is an equal mixture that helps the plants all around and a timer for the lights so that you do not over light your plants.

Now that you have your materials it is time to set them up. Find a space in your home that is quite and does not get a lot of disturbance while at the same times maintains a pretty even temperature. After doing this setup your pot by pouring in the potting soil and the fertilizer and mixing them together make sure to get a good and even mixture so that you do not burn your plants, now plant your plants. Now set up your indoor LED grow lights so that they are around a foot away from the top of your plants canopy or highest leaves. Plug the timer into the wall and set the timer so that it runs for fourteen hours a day and plug your grow lights power plug into your timer and there you go. All that you have to do now is keep an eye on your plants and water them about twice a week.

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