Fall Vegetable Gardens

 Vegetable Gardens

Fall Vegetable Gardens

 Fall Vegetable Gardens

Fall vegetable gardens are best for the people who are afraid of early winter. Most of the vegetables flourish very well during fall season due to cool temperatures and less insects during fall season. Generally fall is the time for fertilizing your garden for new seeds. Your local gardening center can recommend you about what vegetables are best suited for you to grow in fall season.

The amount of stress you have in your garden and the climate in which you live are the two major factors you must take into consideration while deciding what vegetables you should grow in fall vegetable gardens. Fall is the time to prune your shrubs, flowers etc. It is not a bad idea to leave your previous season vegetables in your garden to decompose. They actually enrich the soil with this process and your garden produce better vegetable next time.

The key for fall vegetable gardens is to identify the occurrence of first frost in your region. Once you know the frost date, count back the days it will take for your vegetables to mature. The date on which you arrive with this calculation is the best for planting your fall vegetables garden. You can also use cold frames and row covers to protect your vegetables from cold temperatures.

You must plant your vegetables for fall gardening very carefully based on the climate in the area where you live. Most preferred vegetables for fall are the varieties that mature very fast. There are plenty of such vegetables that flourish in fall gardens. Some of them are cauliflower, radish, cabbage, broccoli and lettuce. Ornamental vegetables like peppers, Swiss chard and kale also grow well during this season.

Before planting your fall vegetable garden you should also remove all weeds and other plant wastes like leaves etc that got accumulated fall season. It is also very essential to keep your garden hydrated as temperature generally remains dry during fall. Also make a nice layer of mulch which can retain moisture and act as insulator for the plants.

While purchasing the seeds make sure you purchase only ‘early season seed packages’. These are the seeds that actually take least time for maturing. Choosing such vegetables is a better idea to ensure that they grow fully before frost. Success of fall vegetable gardens depends largely on choosing the correct vegetables.

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