Best time for planting grass seed

Grass planting

planting grass seed
planting grass seed

Grass seeds can be planted in the spring and fall with good results. If you want to plant grass in the spring, you should do so as soon as it is possible. Roots need to strong before the weather gets too hot. For a fall planting of grass seed, the rules are the same - grass seeds need time to fully germinate before freezing temperatures arrive in your region. Don’t expect germination to be as good as you think. Seeds require a certain amount of growing time at proper temperatures and conditions to germinate.

Different period, different problems.

In different periods grass faces different problems. Lets take a look at some of them.

Spring period problems:

  • Soil is cold, therefore it can cause delay germination
  • Weeds dominate the early growing months.

Summer period problems:

  • It’s almost impossible to keep new seed moist in the summer without nearly constant watering.
  • Soil preparation works opens up the area to weed seeds, which readily germinate in the heat.

Why the autumn is the best time for planting grass seed.

Autumn is the best season for planting grass because of the different factors, we will list only few of them.

  1. First: The temperatures are now not as hot as in summer period. This makes it easier to keep the seed moist during germination. Most of the weeds that compete with grass are dead and diseases are under control for the rest of the year.
  2. Second: The new grass will have some time to grow before facing all the problems of summer: heat, inappropriate watering, diseases, etc.
  3. Third: The soil now has good temperature, and this will help grass to grow faster.


As a conclusion we can say, that the best period for planting the grass seed in most of the countries is autumn, because of many factors (some of them are listed above). This is only the main factors… it also depends on type of climate where you are living and type of grass, that you wish to plant, etc. We will try to talk about this specific factors in our future reviews.

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