Go Green, Save Money Ride a Motorcycle

Go Green, Save Money Ride a Motorcycle
 Go Green

Do you want to have a lot of fun, save money and go green all at the same time? You can, and very easy. Just join the growing number of Americans riding a motorcycle. Maybe you've seen gasoline prices lately. This is higher than $ 4 per gallon in some places, under the other. For convenience we will do all the math that follows the figure of $ 4 gas. You can make the proper adjustments based on what it costs near you. You are driving in the category Deluxe Luxobarge four-wheel? Get, what, 21 miles per gallon? Or maybe you have a more efficient car that gets 40 mpg. Let's use a 30 mpg for the calculation, again for convenience. 

So every mile driving costs you cents of gas alone. 13.3 How is that going to change if you ride a motorcycle? Well, for starters, 600cc bikes like Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic, V-twin, runs about 55 mpg. At $ 4 a gallon gas, who came to 7.27 cents per mile. Or let's put it this way: for every 100 miles you ride the Vulcan vs. driving, you will save $ 6.03. Now, you will not ride my bike all the time. Winter is an issue, and can also be difficult to bring home a family worth of groceries on a motorcycle. So, let's say you ride a bicycle to work, round-trip 20 km, four days a week. Then find you do it nine months of the year, with a total of 3,120 miles. you just saved almost $ 190. Now let's look at the smaller bikes, says motorcycle star V-Star 250. Now we talk about 78 mpg. At $ 4 per gallon of mile you cover for all 5.13 cents, so now you save nearly $ 255 their commutes alone. Of course, any other driving that you take the bike not only will increase your savings. How much you save is up to you. But the point is, once you have a bike you will want to take than a car as much as you can, because it's fun. Motorcycle fun. That's why most of the people riding them.

 In your car Your commute in General is just a waste of time. If there is a way to get to work without having to actually spend all the time in your path will probably jump on it. Riding a motorcycle to work is an object. "Hot dog," you think, "time to hitch a ride. Even if it would work. " Of course you may find that you don't save so much money because of the element of fun might seduce You into taking a much longer route. This is the danger of motorcyclists we live with. Don't spend too much time working on a pity for us. And finally, there is the element of the Green left. It is quite obvious that if you burn less gasoline you do the environment a favor. There are environmental costs of oil extraction, refining it, store it, and shipping, as well as burn it. Burn less and you cut back on all of them. But there are more than of gas involved in going green. The bike also use less steel and plastic and other materials to produce.

 Each product has its own supply chain so there are savings there too. Indeed, if you still have to have a car and then also has motorcycles, you use more resources, not less. But the more you ride instead of driving your car, the longer it lasts. It is a great resource of consumers, so if you can double the life cycle savings come to more than the sources which were used to build the bike. Finally, a factor in very minimal impact damage the bike on the road--the 600-pound vehicle vs. vehicle-2200-pound--and a reduction in traffic congestion and a small part of the land needed to park the bike and environmental benefits keep adding. Who knew You could make fun of virtuous people!

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