Secret to clean garden

clean garden

clean garden
clean garden

Clayey soils

  • Clay soils are tough to work and might have a bad drain.
  • The best ways to determine soil is to find out its pH.
  • For a garden enthusiast, the most cost-effective and practical way is strips of a paper. They can be found in chemical laboratories (look in yellow pages). They provide enough accuracy.
  • Other techniques are using instruments called metros (good ones are pricey) and chemical reagents, which are more unpleasant.


  1. For weed control using Glyphosate totally is strong.
  2. It is applied to the leaves and the liquid is transported throughout the plant, consisting of the roots.

Yellow leaves

It may be due to lack of iron in the soil. You can include the field or brown heath land to acidify and iron the soil.


If you notice the presence of ants, rub them with half a lemon at the edge of the plants.


It benefits the soil because worms aerate with its galleries and excrete “fertilizer”, but in particular cases excessive worms are not proper.

If so, it is better to spray the soil with insecticide. Typically two applications, one in early spring and once again in mid-fall is enough. Following each application, if it does not rain, watering need to be offered. Since I say they are extremely beneficial, do not eliminate 100% of them.

Huerta garden

It is the mix of 2 terms: “Huerta” since horticultural and “Garden” is grown, due to the fact that flowers that boost the decorative value are included. In this way, it is possible to acquire in a single space dual functionality: self-sufficiency with some veggies and aesthetic benefit of a garden.

Organic farming

  1. It does not utilize fungicides, artificial fertilizers, and agrochemicals in general.
  2. Special attention to the care of life on the ground is offered, good levels of organic matter and wetness are kept.
  3. The jobs are not aggressive towards soil structure and keep it always covered with organic mulch.
  4. In the existence of diseases or pests, natural fungicides and insecticides are utilized.

Home composting

When using homemade garden compost, the main thing is to watch that it will not rot. If a handful is caught with his hand and leaves and squeeze liquid, integrate dry material and reform the pile to stay quality.

  • If the pile is not covered, heavy and prolonged rain will affect it negatively.
  • The remains of trimming the lawn need to be left to dry in the sun prior to incorporating it in an extremely thin or combined with another product layer.
  • Stir regularly and monthly to blend active ingredients and to facilitate ventilation.
  • This will take about 2 months in heat (summer) or between 5 and 6 in cold areas.

Other suggestions

  1. The first days after transplanting seedlings ought to need a shaded scenario. Irrigation spray (fog) is appropriate for growing tender cuttings (semi-ligneous).
  2. Cut Lavender and Sage that have actually thrived during the previous summertime and have dried flowers. This ought to be done every year.
  3. Divide Perennials flowers that have grown. It is done in spring or fall.
  4. There tarps for the pool in winter and you do not fall leaves or other particles.

Rooting hormonal agents

  • The rooting hormones are utilized to facilitate the issuance of root cuttings or cuttings.
  • They are not necessary for all species because numerous have the tendency to quickly take root, but it constantly helps.
  • Powder hormones are suitable for green or tender cuttings.
  • Those presented in liquid (or solids dissolve) are better for woody cuttings, for example, shrubs or trees.
  • Numerous woody cuttings must let them soak a couple of hours in the option for the representative to permeate.

Increasing a pine

If you get fresh seeds you can sow straight, if not, whether they were caught before, will need to submit to a period called cold stratification; this is to keep 1 or 2 months at 0 ° to 4 ° C (e.g. in the refrigerator), to stimulate germination once sown.

Magnolio seeds are harvested in fall as soon as possible after the fruit ripens when they can be on the same red seeds. After cleansing, the seeds ought to be right away planted in the fall, or stratify to about 4 ° C for duration of 2 to 3 months before spring planting.

Magnolia seeds lose viability when saved throughout winter season at room temperature level. The seeds ought to be saved in sealed containers and at temperature levels from 0 ° to 4 ° C.

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