Planting Acorns: Planting Tips

 Planting Acorns

Planting Acorns
Oak trees
Trees are an essential part of our environment, and by planting acorns in fields and open areas, managed growth of oak trees can help to stabilize the natural harmony of our earth.

Oak trees are considered to be invaluable landscaping plants because of their beauty and the shade that they provide.  One of the advantages to planting acorns is that you can dictate where a tree will grow instead of it sprouting up in the middle of a flower bed.  You can also collect acorns from where a majestic oak has dropped them, and transport them to be planted in an area devoid of trees. 

Another advantage to directly planting acorns is that a good strong tree will be the result.  Many acorns that are dropped from the mighty oak are likely to be nibbled upon by squirrels, chipmunks and birds, and can result in a weaker tree if the seed germinates at all.  Planting acorns in a controlled environment can produce a strong seedling that, when planted, will become a strong sapling. 

There are a couple of different types of oak tree; the red oak and the white oak.  When gathering acorns, note the type of tree from which the acorn fell.  If you are looking to plant a variety of oaks for a large area, planting acorns of each variety will provide a striking landscape. 

If you know what to look for when gathering these seeds, it will help to bring success when you are planting acorns.  It is best to collect mature acorns as soon as possible after they fall from the oak tree.  If the caps on the acorn are hard to remove, this indicates that it is unripe or green.  These should not be planted, as they will not germinate.  If the acorns appear to have been lying on the ground for a while, disregard these as well.  Place the acorns you collect in a cloth bag to keep them from drying out.  If you are not planning on planting acorns immediately, keep them in a darker and cooler area such as your refrigerator. 

It is best to plan on planting acorns immediately after collecting.  The acorns from a red oak tree can be planted right away even though they will not germinate until springtime.  The acorns of a white oak tree will begin to germinate very shortly after they are planted.  The little caps that cover the top of the acorn should be removed before planting acorns.  The seeds should be planted in groups, at a depth of about 2 inches and several inches apart.  Once the seeds have sprouted, the weaker and smaller of the plants can be removed to allow the stronger of the sprouts to grow.  If you are planting in your yard, be sure to mark off the area to avoid accidental mowing. 

Planting acorns either in your yard or in a large open area will eventually develop into beautiful, large oak trees that will provide shade as well as great benefits for the environment.

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