Signs of Dog Separation Anxiety When You are Around

 Signs of Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety
Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog separation anxiety is something you should really know and understand. And whenever you are around and your dog shows signs of separation anxiety, you might need to know what your dog is really thinking of. Every dog separation anxiety has its own sets of symptoms and it also may be triggered by a lot of things. Here are the signs of dog separation anxiety that you should take notice of whenever you are around home.

Your dog keeps on following you wherever you are going. Sometimes, a dog is afraid to be left alone whenever you are not within his eyesight. You may find that he will always follow you around the house and whenever you move to another area of the house you will also find him there. It is called “velcro-ing” when your dog does this behavior because he is always stuck on you. But in clinical terms, it is called hyper-attachment and it is a very clear sign that he is showing signs of dog separation anxiety.

Another identifier that your dog has this kind of anxiety is when he becomes really worried when you are about to leave. You may find this really smart in dogs that they know how you act when you are about to leave the home. Whenever he sees you prepping up for a night out or going to work or when he sees you holding the car keys at times they will block you from going out of the door and they will run back in forth. These signs tell you that your dog is worried that you are about to leave.

When you see signs of dog separation anxiety, it sometimes means that he needs your attention. Take time to pamper or play with him so that he is going to be assured that he is alright even if you are not around. But it is much better when you are going to ask your vet about anxieties in dogs.

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