Building an Active Waterfall in Your Garden

Waterfall in Your Garden

Building an Active Waterfall in Your Garden
Waterfall in Your Garden

A very alluring aspect for any garden is being able to sit in it and enjoy the scenery. As many are attracted to the sounds of running water, adding a waterfall to the garden could be the proverbial “cherry on top.” One of the most enticing aspects to designing the waterfall is that they are all unique in some fashion. Natural rocks and materials are never the same and you could easily create a whole new look for your home.


The building materials for your waterfall will vary greatly depending on how elaborate you want it to be. Using rock and dirt, you could create a natural look while using cement could provide stability. While some may simply want a pondless waterfall with a single point from which the water falls, others may want a series of smaller pools feeding each other all the way down into a larger one. Some may even feel like throwing a few fish into this pool to add a greater sense of living to the area. While the idea around the waterfall is to make it look natural, some areas may require the use of human intervention. The main pool at the base needs to be able to sustain water. In which case, you can use a plastic tub or sheet hidden by rock and/or vegetation decorations such as grass or flower beds. There are many ways to ensure that the water isn’t absorbed into the ground.

Water flow

The next item to consider is how to get the water to flow regularly. This is where the hidden water pump comes into play. You want to install this water pump so that it’s unseen by others but easy to access in case you need to conduct repairs or replace the unit. This pump will bring water from the bottom of your waterfall to the top in a continuous cycle. Using a solar powered water pump to ensure the flow of your falls is ideal for a few reasons.

  • You are able to build the waterfall at any location on your property.
  • It doesn’t cost extra on your energy bills to operate.
  • You won’t have power cords strewn across your lawn.


An important aspect you’ll need to consider when building your waterfall is the ability to protect it during the winter. Winterising the project could be completely dependent on how you built the falls to begin with. You may have to do more than simply unplug the power from the pump. Ice can damage some of these pumps as well as break the plastic pool you could be using at the base. A way to drain the water for the winter should be considered if you use any plastic or breakable items in your design. You should also consider a method to remove the water from the transfer hose. If ice forms inside it, the expansion could cause it to break diminishing its capability to move the water to the top of the falls.

A waterfall can add more to your lawn than providing a place where you can relax. It gives the property an uncommon feature that can attract home buyers in the future. It can also be a method to exercise your artistic abilities as you decorate the construct. Whether you prefer a specific type of stone or would like to surround the unit with an elaborate garden, the possibilities are nearly endless.

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