8 Benefits of Container Gardening

 Benefits of Container Gardening

Benefits of Container Gardening
Benefits of Container Gardening

Container gardening has become a popular trend among many vegetable gardens, for both city andcountry dwellers. To some, it may look like extra work, potting each vegetable plant, arranging,changing, etc. Besides making a balcony, patio or kitchen windowsill look prettier and earthy, container gardening has many benefits, especially when it comes to growing vegetables at home. 

The following are some major reasons planting vegetables in containers can be beneficial:

  1.  Garden plots are easier to manage and plan the layout of, when you are growing vegetables in containers. You can arrange, rearrange, and rotate until you find the perfect layout for the vegetable plants you have chosen to grow. If you get bored, you can “redecorate”, like the plant container you see above on a bar stool. You can have a one of a kind vegetable garden.
  2. Container gardening leaves plants less susceptible to diseases and pests.
  3. There are almost no weeds when growing plants in containers.
  4. You can pull plants inside if night temperatures drop too cold or hazardous weather approaches.
  5. It’s handy to grab some fresh lettuce or other vegetables if they are sitting right on your porch or patio, making you more likely to use the vegetable plants.
  6. You can raise garden containers off of the ground (on stands or even by just buying tall containers), making it easier to garden by reducing the amount of bending and stooping you must do when planting vegetables.
  7. Some vegetable plants actually grow better in containers than in the earth. For example, peppers, artichokes and eggplants thrive in containers, due to adequate time to ripen and controlled exposure to too much rain.
  8. Vegetable plants often need to grow faster and larger than traditional plants. In addition, they generally require much more water than traditional plants, making containers a viable and even useful gardening option.

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