5 reasons you kitchen needs a refurb

 Reasons you kitchen needs a refurb

reasons you kitchen needs a refurb

Kitchens are often described as the heart of the home; and unsurprisingly so given the importance of the role they place within the family dwelling. Where outmoded kitchens can cause all sorts of impracticalities during the cooking process, the modern kitchens of today have features that can make culinary masterpieces.

Whilst there are an innumerable amount of reasons that a kitchen could benefit from a makeover, here are just a few that should have you reaching for the kitchen fitter’s catalogue from Kuchenworld.

5. Because it resembles the 1950’s kitchen of celebrity chef Fanny Craddock*

If you’re wallpaper is reminiscent of post war Britain, then it’s probably time for a change. Things to look out for to figure out whether your kitchen is 1950’s not so chic are: Flowery yellow wallpaper (at least you think their flowers, although they could just be stains); dark brown carpet tiles (that may not have started life out as brown) and any sign of corked walls (yes, this is more of a 70s thing, but it’s still out by some 4 decades).

*Don’t remember her? Point proven, we feel.

4. Because you’ve had damp or structural issues

This is rather a no brainer, if your kitchen has suffered from damp, or structural problems that have seen walls replastered or ceilings re-supported then chances are your kitchen is looking in a pretty sorry state.

Rather than try to make best with what you have, a kitchen refurb will banish those major imperfections that will otherwise never go away.

With damp in particular, wooden cabinets or work surfaces can retain the moisture long after the damp has disappeared from the walls. This can leave your kitchen with a rather less than appetising musty smell.

If you’re unsure as to whether damage has been left behind by such situations, contact a professional for their opinion.

3. Because you want to benefit from all the snazzy new features modern day kitchens come with

Kitchen features have become pretty impressive of late, with clever storage that has a place for everything from your herbs to your spatula and cutlery draws that light up when you open them.

2. Because times have changed, the kitchen is now the hub of the home

Where once husband was to be found in the lounge or living room and the children were to be found upstairs hiding away, the modern day kitchen has well and truly become the hub of the home. With the ideal kitchen having a seating area with an open plan layout.

1. Because you want to!

Whilst this may be a little cheat of a reason for a kitchen refurb, we know that they’ll be many of you out there that are hesitant to invest in a new kitchen. However if you really want to, and have sufficient finances to pay for it then why not? The difference a new kitchen can make to living standards, not to mention the culinary inspiration, will be invaluable.

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