Link Building Strategies To Follow For New Websites

 Strategies To Follow For New Websites

Strategies To Follow For New Websites
Strategies To Follow For New Websites

If you are newly launched your website and are looking out to make your website popular then here are certain beginner’s link building strategies. Implementing these strategies will surely enable you to bring a huge amount of traffic and high page ranks too. Most of the below given link building strategies will concern mainly with link placement and link insertion.

Firstly you need to submit your website to the web directories. This sounds like a bit tedious task but it is very essential as it can get you almost hundreds of back links. There are thousands of directories that accept submissions of the websites. But make sure that you choose to submit it in quality web directories so that you get the desired results from it. Phantis, Board SE directory, Cliford free regular link directory are few of the popular ones.

Submission of the website to the blog directories is also important strategy to gain more links. There are several blog directories where you can submit your website. Blogflux, HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank", and several others are the most preferred blog submission directories.

Submit the press releases to the most popular PR sites as this is one of the best ways to get quick free back links and to market your website. There are several good websites like PRWeb, PRLeap, and and so on.

Try to get in touch with the similar domains websites. You can exchange the websites with each other as one on one. This is called reciprocal links exchange and it is very useful in establishing your newly designed website. Try to find an established website as it will help you immensely in getting quality traffic.

Create a tool, theme, or widget- get your web developer to also design an add-on application or a template that is concerned with some popular site. Later you can insert a credit link there which links to your website.

Forum posting is yet another way to get popular for the starters. Sign up on the popular forum on the subject of your website and actively participate in it. It is the best place to insert your links in it.
Posts comments on other niche blogs of your domain and provide a link therein to your website. But make sure that you make some quality comments or useful comments that compel the reader to click on the link that you provide otherwise; all your efforts will be in vain.

One of the most in-thing these days is guests posting. This can also immensely help you to get your website very popular. There are many websites such as, and many more that accept guest’s posts from outsiders, participate in it and provide links to your websites.

Conduct some interesting contest on your website and advertise it effectively. This will also help you in attracting a large number of people to your website. However, don’t spam it; make it genuine so that it can make you build relationship with the other web users.

"Strategi membangun tautan ini bila diterapkan dengan benar pasti akan membuat Anda memiliki popularitas yang baik di web dan juga membuat Anda lebih tinggi di Mesin Pencari."

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