Enjoy the Fruit of your Labours

 Enjoy the Fruit of your

Enjoy the Fruit of your
Enjoy the Fruit of your

We have all heard – sometimes at quite punishing length – about the importance of getting enough fresh fruit in your diet. It is a well-known fact now that the nutrients included in fresh fruit make a real difference in many areas of your health plan. Vitamins and minerals – as well as a whole lot of fibre – will be present in your diet if you get the right mix of fruit and veg in your kitchen and onto your plate. It is inexpensive too, and can be even more inexpensive if you get yourself to work growing your own fruit. Although there are numerous fruits that just will not grow in some Western climates, there are enough to ensure that you get the mix you need.

One thing is certain – bananas are out unless you live in tropical climes. So, unsurprisingly, are things such as mango, pineapple and guava fruits. For these you will need to go to the supermarket if you live anywhere that requires you to wear a jacket most days. But this still leaves a lot of other options, many of which are going to be equally important in a healthy diet. What you can and cannot grow will depend on climate to some extent, but just as importantly on the size of your garden. You may not even have considered this question before, but would you be prepared to plant a tree?

If you have a big enough garden, planting a fruit tree is an idea that has a lot of upsides and few downsides. It will of course take some time to take hold, but once it does and begins to produce fruit, you will have a pretty constant supply of the fruit you love. Obviously citrus fruits like oranges and lemons will grow better in summer months, but if you get the correct rotation going you can have fresh fruit for years with a smaller initial outlay than you would think. Also think about fruits that grow closer to the ground – strawberries are just one fruit that does not depend on high temperatures to grow well. And if you grow strawberries, it’s not just at the greengrocer section you will save money – you can make your own jam too.

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