Complete Quality Link Buying Guide and Tools for SEO

Link Buying Guide and Tools for SEO
Link Buying Guide and Tools for SEO
We all know that the heart and soul of search engine marketing lies in inbound links so we spend most of our time building links to our websites and our clients’ websites. Though links are not everything in SEO, they are the most important element or factor that will push your websites on top of SERPs (search engine results page) for your target. But how can a really good link be defined and compared to low quality or junk links? Here’s the complete guide that I use to determine how good a website is and if it’s worth buying or exchanging links with.

Search Engine Indexed and Cached

Though this is the most important aspect of a website to look into, many link buyers often skip this part of their evaluation. If a link is not indexed by a search engine, it will not do any good to your website. It is also important to check when the website was last cached by search engines. Cache is the snapshot or record  of the website taken by search engines like Google. Ideally, the website should be cached within the last two weeks.

  • You can check when the website was last cached by Google by searching: “”
  • You can check the number of pages indexed by Google from a website by searching: “”

Google Pagerank

Most of the time, the first thing being considered in evaluating the quality of a website is its Pagerank. This is the Google’s measurement of a web page’s importance in the web. The higher the PR or pagerank of the page that your link is going to be placed on, the better it is for your search engine marketing. Yahoo! has its own version of PR which is called the Web Rank. However, I recommend that you use Google’s PR in evaluating the quality of a website. You can check the Pagerank of a webpage using these tools: SEO Logs PR Checker, Check PageRank, Dig Page Rank and Blog Flux PR checker. You can check the Pagerank by installing a Google toolbar and enabling the PageRank feature. Note that having a high Pagerank alone does not mean that the link you are getting on that site is high quality.

Back Links or Inbound Links of the Website

A website can have a Pagerank of 3/10 but how long do you think it will remain like that? Well, no one knows for sure. However, if the website has a good number of backlinks, the probability that its pagerank will retain or increase is higher. In checking backlinks, use the Yahoo Site Explorer. You should also check if the links are coming from different or just a few websites. Of course, it is better if the backlinks are coming from many different websites rather than a single or few websites.

Quality and Relevant Content

Having a link on just any website does not help your own website. Your backlinks should come from websites relevant to yours. If your website is about blogging and making money online, then a link from real estate websites will not help you much. A website that has quality content related to internet and blogging is what you should be looking for. Avoid websites that have duplicate or copied content. You can use Copyscape to check if the website you are acquiring links for do not have duplicate content.

Age and History of Websites

Links from older and well established sites are better for SEO. Just make sure that the domain of the website you are buying or exchanging links from has a clean history. Being clean mean it was not previously an adult or gambling related website which was then made to a fitness website. In checking the domain age of a website, you can use the Whois Tool of Domain Tools.

Through this whois tool, you can when exactly the domain of the website was registered, the name of domain registrar, nameservers used by the website and the IP address of the website. For the website’s history, you can check the archived history of a website through the Wayback Machine of

Number of Outbound Links

Always check how many outgoing links does the web page your link will be placed on currently have. If possible, negotiate with the webmaster, link broker or your link exchange partner on the maximum number of links they will place on the page. One page can only have a certain amount of “Link Juice” that it can pass to the websites it is linking to and that Link Juice is shared by all outbound or external links. This means that the less external links the webpage has, the more weight or “Link Juice” it can pass to your website.

Multiple IP Addresses

Search engines also analyze the IP addresses of the websites that link to your website. If the all websites that link to yours come from the same class-C and class-D IP addresses, those links will be considered as spam. The backlinks that you acquire should at least come from different class-C IP address. Gaining backlinks from different class-D IP addresses is not good enough and will still be flagged as spam. To find out the IP address of a website, you can use the Website IP Address Search Tool of Self SEO.

Search Engine Rankings

Acquiring a link from a relevant website that is ranking high in search engines is a big plus. However, you can rarely acquire such links. This is because most of these websites are also your competitors who are willing to spend time and money in promoting their websites in search engines. But you’ll never know when you might bump into a really high ranking website that’s selling links. Be sure to grab the opportunity if you bumped into one.

Traffic and Visitors

Another huge plus for the links that you are going to buy and exchange with is traffic. Though traffic does not affect search engine results, you’re getting your money’s worth if you get a link on a high traffic website. This is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can increase your search engine rankings and get your site promoted through referral of visitors at the same time. Most of the time, websites with high pagerank and high volume of traffic are really expensive.

Those are the things that you should be checking when buying or trading links with another website. Most of the time, you will not get positive results from some of the things evaluated above but deciding whether to purchase of trade links depends on what you think matters more. Is it pagerank, domain age, history of website or traffic? This is one aspect of internet marketing where SEO specialists and other search engine marketing people differ.

Before you actually purchase links, try some of these link evaluation methods to learn and understand how they actually work. This will prevent you from buying or trading with low quality links and will maximize your money’s worth in buying links.

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