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Choosing a Good Domain for Your Blog
Choosing a Good Domain for Your Blog

What is a domain name? In a layman’s term, a domain name is a unique name that identifies a particular website in the internet. As for this blog, the domain name is There are two parts of a domain name: Mid Level Domain (MLD), and the Top Level Domain (TLD). Here’s an illustration to further understand the two parts:

The first part (joedelsanvictores) is the Mid Level Domain. This part of the domain name is where you are going to spend most of your time thinking. There are two known approaches in choosing this part of your domain name:

  • Keyword Related Domains - in this approach, you will choose a domain name that is related to the niche or subject that you have chosen. For example, your blog is going to be related to “blogging”, then you should choose a domain name that contains the word “blogging” in it.
  • Generic or Brandable Domains - this approach is the opposite of choosing keyword related domain name. In this approach, you will choose a domain name that is unique, memorable and short. This is the approach used in choosing domain names for popular websites like YouTube, Digg, Google and Yahoo.

The second part (.com) is the Top Level Domain or better known as the domain name extension. The most recommendable domain name extensions (in order or priority) are .com, .net and .org. In my opinion, .info is also a good domain for a blog. Visit the Complete Domain Name Extensions and Meanings page for a complete list of extensions and their meanings that are currently used in the internet.

Here are some general guidelines in choosing a domain name.

  1. Only letters, numbers, dashes are allowed in choosing a domain name.
  2. Shorter domains are easier to remember so keep your domains as short, but clear, as possible.
  3. Be creative! Register a domain that will give a good impression to internet users.
  4. Make sure that you are not registering a domain that is a registered trademark or protected by copyright.
  5. Avoid confusing domain names. Conduct a small research if there are similar websites using a similar domain which might cause some confusion.
  6. Register a domain with a .com extension as much as possible.

Domain names play an important role for your website; whether it’s a blog, directory, forum or information resource. It is the center of your internet or online identity because most internet users remember websites through their domain names. Make sure that you spend enough time and effort in choosing the right domain name for your blog.

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