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Blog Listed on DMOZ and Google Directory
Blog Listed on DMOZ and Google Directory

Getting a link from authority websites is powerful in SEO because links from such websites are given more weight by search engines. This will give a boost to the website that they are linking to and help in improving SERPs and increasing its pagerank. Nowadays, backlinks from link directories are already discounted and given less weight. However, authority link directories still provide the link juice that is needed for search engine optimization. Some of the most reputed link directories on the web are DMOZ Open Project, Google Directory and Yahoo! Directory.

Because of the impact that the said authority link directories can bring in optimizing websites, many webmasters and SEO specialists try to get listed on them. Submitting your websites to be listed in these directories is free (except for Yahoo! Directory) but not all websites are accepted. Directory editors follow strict website submission and quality standards and guidelines to maintain their reliability and good reputation.

Today I just found out that this make money online blog was accepted to both DMOZ and Google directories. The listings are under deep categories but nevertheless, getting listed on both of these directories is a great achievement for me. Though I am not actually looking to optimize this blog for search engines, being listed on authority directories proves that the content of blog is recognized for its good quality. Ever since I had this blog set up, my focus was never to earn lots of money from it but instead, share useful information to my readers and friends.

So far, I can say that my goal of sharing knowledge to the internet community is slowly paying off. This also inspired me to continue blogging about SEO, internet news and ways how to make money through the internet. So stay tuned and check out this blog regularly because more useful articles and interesting internet news are coming soon.

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