Article Submission: What's it Good For?

 Article Submission

submission of an article
submission of an article

One of the most prolific terms in regards to online advertisement is article submission. Unfortunately, many people don't quite know what this term means. In the most basic sense this term does mean the submission of an article. However, there is more to the concept that that.

For an individual to truly get their full use out of a submitted article they must utilize several important factors appropriately. It is only after this has occurred that the submitter will gather useful returns on their article. These factors include search engine optimization, appropriately placed links, and overall number of words. There are other concepts involved such as niche and genre, as well as the place the article will be submitted to as well.

When an individual decides to begin submitting articles there are three reasons. These reasons are for pay, for advertisement, and for fun.

  1. The first type is what happens when official writers on the internet decide to write articles on behalf of people or on their own behalf. These articles are then submitted to online locations solely for the purposes of being paid directly. This payment occurs either through residuals or upfront payment.
  2. The second type is the most prolific form of submission for articles. Article based advertising is one of the most lucrative forms available on the internet. Everyone that wishes to purchase a product or find a location to purchase said product wants information. These types of advertising articles give information about a subject or product then direct people to another site or directly link to the product in question. This provides multiple resources for the article and site owner to use for the Article Submission Directory. Those articles either sell a product or drive traffic to their site.
  3. Those individuals that choose to write articles for fun are less common but still exist even in this age of online commerce. These individuals submit articles solely because they want their message to be heard. This message varies by the individual. This is the original origin of the BLOG concept.
  4. Individuals that choose to submit articles for money or advertising need to adhere to a few simple rules to be successful. Those rules are search engine optimization, killer not filler content, and article placement.

Search engine optimization is an important part of submitting articles online. This is true for the individual submitting them no matter their reason. Search engines pick out information online via the concept of keywords. Each search engine is slightly different but the basic concept is the same. An individual that uses proper optimization of these keywords will find their article being listed higher in regards to search relevancy. If the individual uses too many keywords then they will be considered a spam article. If they use too few then they are not as relevant.

Content is king and this is especially true online. An article for submission should be filled with unique and insightful content instead of merely repeating the same thing in multiple ways. Killer content breeds the concept of authority. This brings people back to the articles you submit, repeatedly.

Article placement is incredibly important. For instance, an article for lawn care might not be as relevant on a site dedicated to desert survival gear. Place articles in appropriate locations and they will receive more views.

When in doubt there is always the option of hiring someone else to write and submit articles for you. Article submission in this manner is more expensive in the beginning but it has the added bonus of a professional touch.

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