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Writing Jobs

Writing Jobs
Writing Jobs

Writing jobs at home can be a great way to generate extra income. There are many opportunities for freelance writers including technical writing, business writing, website writing and writing for greeting card companies. You need to decide what you’re good at and find appropriate freelance writing opportunities. Here are some ideas on how to find writing jobs to get you began.

Online Freelance Sites

Freelance market places such as Elance and Guru allow you to bid for writing projects advertised by the client. Once you’ve registered with the site and uploaded a profile and some examples of your work you can begin to bid for those writing jobs that fall within your capability range and that interest you. Other freelance sites list written assignment* and help you to connect with potential customers. These include Craigslist. Some companies directly outsource their written assignment* to freelancers including


Sites that provide lists of freelance blogging assignments include and Writers usually get paid per post and should keep to a regular posting schedule.

Website Guide or Expert

A number of information related websites will pay writers to gather information and write about various topics. Examples include which pays guides to write about health and medical related issues. is always looking to writing experts to provide content on a wide range of topics. This is a good writing opportunity if you’ve specialist knowledge in some area. Retired professionals are often utilized by these websites.

Mailing Lists

Writers can subscribe to online mailing lists that list writing jobs at home. Some sites offer free subscriptions to their newsletters including In addition to listing freelance writing opportunities these newsletters also provide advice and help to freelance authors.

Writing for Greeting Card Companies

This can be a lucrative writing opportunity. There are a number of greeting card companies that encourage submissions from freelance greeting card writers. Payment for accepted submissions range from company to company and vary from $300 to $25 per submission. Greeting card writers can turn their creativity into cash and have fun while earning money. You can find out more about cracking the greeting card market at Freelance Greeting Card Jobs.

Finding writing jobs at home requires commitment and perseveration. As a freelance writer you need to be both reliable and responsible. All the same, once you’ve established a market for your writing the opportunities to earn extra income are excellent.

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