4 Ways Of Blogging That Make Money


Ways Of Blogging That Make Money

Blogging That Make Money
Blogging That Make Money

Throughout my years as a blogger I’ve slowly realized that there is a significant difference between blog posts that make money and ones that don’t. I’ve also discovered that readers can be easily persuaded to buy something or click on advertisements depending on the article. However, there are certain types of posts that will perform better than others, here are some of them.

Product Reviews

Reviews on products are some of the most profitable articles you can write. This is because the person reading this type of article is usually has some sort of interest in purchasing what you’re talking about. People, especially in our generation, are easily persuaded and willing to spend money by simple recommendation. Reviews, although not sales pages, if positive can really encourage a costumer to take the next step in making a final purchase.

The review should also be accompanied with a call to action towards the end of the post. This, however, is highly debated among bloggers, as some believe that having a call to action can turn a review into a sales page. This meaning that the writer is gearing the page towards selling the product rather than providing an unbiased review to the reader. My opinion on this is that as long as the writer focuses on the review first, that it should be fine to also include a simple sales pitch at the end of the post.

How-To Articles

Being some of the most powerful articles on the Internet, How-to posts provide information to the readers on how to fix certain problems. How-to questions are searched on search engines millions of times each day, related to thousands of different topics. Whether it’s how to cook food or how to buy a flower, there are tons of different niches you can tap into with how-to articles.

What’s even better about these types of articles is that they work well with targeted ad programs such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Publisher. People are likely to click these advertisements because they’re wanting to know more about their question. Having targeted advertising with how-to articles can lead to quite a bit of money going into your pocket.

One other thing about how-tos and reviews is the fact that they’re timeless. These articles can be searched over and over again for years and years. For example: the search words “how to buy a car” is relevant not only in the present, but in the future as well. These timeless articles will allow the potential for these to be profitable for longer periods of time in comparison to posts about trends and news.

Sales Pages

Obviously, sales pages have the best potential to make money because their central purpose is to, well, sell a product. By setting up a sales page post, whether it be on a blog or on a static site, is your best friend when it comes to getting your product sold.

Sales pages don’t build themselves. They require quite a bit of testing to determine what words will trigger a person’s mind and get them to purchase the product. There needs to be a build up to your final pitch of the product. This may include testimonials, product information, and of course, reasons why someone should purchase your product. It’s a lot of work, so it may be in your best interest to get a professional to write the sales page for you.

Trending Topics

Paying attention to trending topics can prove to be really profitable for your blog. When something is popular for a given amount of time people are naturally going to search them. This is where you can take advantage, by giving all of those searchers what they want. By using the power of targeted advertising and programs such as Amazon Associates, creating a blog post related to a hot topic can generate tons of money.

So how do you know what’s hot and what’s not? There are two sources of information you can use, both allowing you to make fast money, including Google’s Hot Trend Page and Twitter trends. Both of these services are updated hourly, giving you access to some of the most popular searches and conversations on the Internet.

Brad has been blogging for over 4 years on his personal blog. He has experience with search engine research, content development and online business. Starting at the young age of 14, he made over $4000 in his first two years, a huge accomplishment for someone so young. Now he continues his success, but also shares some of his knowledge with other bloggers.

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