Beginning an shaven Ice Business

 shaven Ice Business

shaven Ice Business
shaven Ice Business

Starting a business isn’t a piece of cake, but it isn’t all that difficult either. We give you some basic tips about how to go about it. Firstly, remember that there are certain regulations that you must maintain as a food service business. So go pay a visit to your local health department to catch out the necessary things that you need to do. Call your local Chamber of Commerce because you might need special permits from the Health Board. These applications might take time. Also, the cost for a business license may range from $50 to $100.

Next, find a location. This is among the most important things about beginning a business. If possible, zero in on an area of high density – a place that’s frequented by many people. Try for malls, local shopping places, and such locations. Also, while deciding on your location, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve a constant supply of power and water. If you’re deciding to set it up by the side of the road, ensure that passers-by have good visibility of your business. Also, remember that your target market is primarily children – so you could look for locations near schools, parking area*, vacation spot*, or even movie theatre*. And try to make maximal use of fairs, bazaars, exhibits, festivals, swimming bath*, early days a long time, and even out family picnics. Each of these locations is a goldmine in itself.

You’ll have to fix a supplier who will provide you with all the necessary supplies. So what exactly will you be needing? Firstly, you’ll require a stand with a shade so that the sun doesn’t melt the shaved ice. You’ll also need the shaved ice machine itself, as well as serving cups, spoons, napkins, etc. Remember to diversify as the business grows – try to take on more staff, you won’t be able to handle everything yourself.

Many among those starting a shaved ice business wonder whether a franchise is required. No, it isn’t – you see, if you invest enough time and effort, your business will be successful. The benefit of starting a business yourself means that you yourself control the prices, the management, and the products.

Remember to be consistent. Open on regular days, maintain the timings, and if you’re going to remain closed on a particular day, then find a way to let your customers know. Don’t treat the business with a flimsy attitude. The key point is to always remain open – even if you don’t get customers, you can use the time to think of freshly formulas or syrups, program about advertizing, or even learn a book.

What’s great about starting a shaved ice business is the amount of improvisation you can do. You can play around on formulas, and use different kinds of syrups. Plus, the cost for starting a shaved ice business is relatively low, and the returns are great! So starting a shaved ice business could be the best

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