Dream homes are designed with Love.

designed home
designed home

Modest little house in a limited area remains beautiful and satisfying. As long as the house was designed with all my heart, with feelings of love, calm consciousness floating in our minds and hearts, to let imagination swinging waves of creativity. With perfect accompanied by a mathematical calculation made sketches of design drawings. Not only meet all the necessity of a healthy and safe shelter, but also beautiful.

A process takes time. Mathematical calculations required for all aspects of a healthy housing, safe and comfortable can be met. Some tips are talking about it. Such as air circulation, circulation activity, natural lighting, energy efficiency and environmental aspects.

Mathematical calculations are also related to the efficiency of the building structure. Thus there is no waste of concrete beam or column is wasted or extravagant.

The second thing is a beauty. You may already have a picture of the shape of your home.

But you also have a need for space. Well as the limitations, both the amount of land and funds. So it is probably your idea of home cannot be exactly the same dream come true.

Therefore, loading design, the revised drawings many times are a common thing in the design process. This revised design is also applicable when we are making plans or just home architecture home interior plan.

The design process is the process of your communication with the architect. Process conducted by an intensive communication between the two sides, then it can make a better results. I often give advice to clients. “Please, do not rush to comment.” Think calmly. As we were intense design, we also expect an intense client observe, criticize, give input and express hope.

If you occasionally stop by the office of architects, you might see this scene, designer / architect to design the earphones / headset. Yes they are listening to music, and design! That’s our hope, when you criticize a design. Quiet, calm, and enjoy the music.

One tip from me, a clever architect, many, finds it with Google and you’ll have hundreds of choices. Choose which may be pleased with your hearts. Because of the design process is the process of mutual communication. If from the beginning you do not feel comfortable with the architect you choose, and then do not expect any communication. There was no beauty of design that was born from the heart that is not aligned.

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