Babies Who Have Room Myriad Functions

 Babies Who Have Room Myriad Functions


The development of small golden era begins from birth to age 5. To be optimal, giving space for a comfortable and safe to move. From your room, gave the world and its contents.

You know, for the first time a baby is born, he was able to interact with their environment. You can interact with their parents, or bedroom.

Of age, children are increasingly aware that the world is not just for yourself. Here, you can start all over his bedroom, and to develop the eyes of a child more perfect. sensory and motor nerves Ransang elements, using the room

For example, decorate the walls and ceiling with the game of contrasting colors like red, blue and yellow. Form geometric patterns repeated because of the small moment, as the regularity. Choose pillows, blankets and teddy bears with different types of materials to form the perabanya sense. Use a colored rubber wall board and pictures of different animals, fruits, numbers or the alphabet.

On the other hand, the function of this diverse kindergarten. baby’s room, is not just a bed for the child. Room also serves as a forum for personal interaction, as a space to play and learn, a place to grow and develop, where the formation of the personality as a means of creativity, and so on.

The room is the first chamber of the best little known, is where he first worked with the mother, father, brother, sister and other relatives. The function of personal interaction is more interaction between children with parents or other family members. To fulfill this function can be provided on the couch after his puff or padded rocking chair for nursing mothers little room, with rented. A real burst of motherly love is very important for mental development.

Place to grow flowers

small increase in the maximum when he sleeps, if she would sleep for the optimum development of the brain. You can choose iyu crib that “friendly” to him, a large and does not make him feel imprisoned. Note: The bed mattress and security fencing. Find people and that seems like “prison”.

Give the room a nice, quiet and warm. The ambient temperature must always be kelembapanya, use the air conditioner at the appropriate temperature is below 23 ? degrees. Provide adequate windows for natural pengudaraan room was always fresh and odorless. The use of lights should also be adapted for the child sleeps better in low light. Put boxnya distant point lights, use lights at night in a corner, when he woke up a bit ‘light.

Give also stimulate the sounds of the hanging toys that can play music or audio. Also provides a music player around the box. Besides the playground and learn, that’s where personality is formed. The atmosphere is comfortable a child becomes a quiet person. Teaching is also the discipline and order in early.

Secure your child with the box for a bed cover for playgrounds and so on. Proved that it is based on the play was over, toys Back to the “cage”. Place the soft carpet under the box next to his bed as a place to play, choose a soft blanket, but not for long feathers. Better yet, use a player had made of rubber. Makes a lot of boxes or baskets of carpet near the area as a place for toys.

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