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Today, the house of modern design is a trend, especially in large urban areas o. The main task of the house is a haven for people with bad weather and a place to sleep. Today, people are the requirements for the construction of their houses. Requirements, such as housing, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and free of toxic substances that endanger passengers a wide range of materials.

Modern housing design with modern architecture. Characteristic of modern architecture are:

  • 1. The buildings are the concept, which focuses on housing development “functional, so that passengers have an easier life.
  • 2. In general, the materials are used to certain standards, the environment, zero or very low toxin materials, energy efficiency, and more.
  • 3. Buildings used to focus on features, but also a good design. In general, people prefer the minimalist design emphasizes the beauty of machinery and equipment (both horizontal and vertical).
  • 4. Simplicity, for models of buildings and landscapes “, theme or style of functional design and stress the concern of modern houses.
  • 5. As the modern design focuses on improvements in terms of functionality, the houses are built as simple as removing unnecessary detail.

Modern houses are based on some techniques, such as lightweight, Adobe and rammed earth construction. The materials used for the construction of these buildings, brick, stone, concrete structure, structural insulated panels, steel frame, thin and thick. These are the most popular materials that people use when building a modern home.

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