20 Gardening Tips

Gardening Ornamental Plants
Gardening Ornamental Plants

Gardening is the most enjoyable activities. But gardening is an activity that tends to also expensive, because it makes us spend to buy tools, seeds and gardening purposes that sometimes the price is not exactly cheap. 

Here are 20 tips to create a beautiful garden without wasting the budget:

1. Buy ornamental plant seeds in small quantities. You do not need to buy a bag of seed because you need only a few pieces only

2. Order by mail order. Because catalogs usually offer many options. but remember do not order too much.

3. Use local gardening materials. Because it’s cheap.

4. Look for an alternative place of purchase materials and compare prices. Choose which sell good quality materials at cheap prices

5. Choose a natural gardening materials, such as compost or fertilizer from the plant. Because the price is cheaper than factory-made fertilizers.

6. Try to take your order the goods because if you use a delivery service will take more money.

7. Buy fertilizer in bulk, because it is cheaper than buying in small quantities.

8. Make closely with flower and seed merchants, because they know where the plants are nice and when the shipment of goods will come

9. Plant small plants or plant downsizing so you do not experience the rush and also do not cost a lot of time caring

10. Buy a seed in its season, as it will be cheaper than if you buy it when the interest is not in season.

11. If you need help do not have to buy seeds. Ask slips and cuttings to friends, relatives or neighbors.

12. Make your own pesticide. 1-3 tablespoons of the mixture of ammonia and water you can control your garden from insects.

13. Take care of your own garden, for entrusting the care of others means you have to make a budget

14. Choose plants that naturally, can grow your plantation house and do not require extra care

15. Take control of a few things about how gardening is good and right. You can get them from asking friends, neighbors, relatives or you can read a book about gardening.

16. If you live in a hot area, give the grass as fertilizer for your plants.

17. Buy a sprinkler that can be controlled so that you do not waste much water. Is not it also will save your budget?

18. Plant your plants in a particular container, then move them kekebun as they grow rather large.

19. Make a budget.

20. Buy gardening equipment from the best quality with cheap price.

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