Wildflower Meadow seed Planting With Papaver Somniferum


 For many people gardening is confined to strict borders and neatly cut flowerbeds. However, if you prefer a more natural setting you might like to set aside a patch of your garden as a Wildflower Meadow seed. These little natural inspired oases can look as stunning as any perfected ornamental border, and by including Papaver somniferum varieties you can ensure that your meadow has beautiful flowers for a little color. When you think of Wildflower Meadow seed the traditional corn poppy is often thought of. 

Whilst this isn't a Papaver somniferum species itself you can easily create a similar scene by utilizing the somniferum variety Bright Red in your planting scheme. Meanwhile, to create a wild flower meadow with a difference, you can use a range of the Papaver somniferum colors available including whites, purples and pinks. The first year of your Wildflower Meadow seed you'll have to sow plants yourself, a method which may not give as natural design as you'd wish. However, by scattering seeds across the meadow and allowing them to germinate naturally, you can get the best effect possible. In consequent years specimens of poppies will sow themselves, allowing for a truly natural planting scheme to form. 

Creating a wild flower meadow is a great way to use a space in your garden that can be carefully maintained to look as natural as possible. And by using Papaver somniferum varieties as part of the planting plan you will ensure beautiful color dancing amongst the rising grasses as the year progresses.

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