How to Plant Your Wildflower Meadow seed

Wildflower Meadow seed

The best time to sow your Wildflower Meadow seed is in the Fall or the Spring. In warm climates like Southern California, Florida, and South Texas flower seeds can be sown anytime after August. Just make sure the flowers will not be blooming in the hot summer season. In colder climates you can also sow your annual seeds in the late fall but make sure it is after the temperatures are below 45 degrees so the flower seeds don't start to germinate until next spring. If you are sowing perennials they should be started in the spring or fall when the temperatures are between 55 and 70. To prepare the soil for sowing your Wildflower Meadow seed you should start by taking out whatever weeds and unwanted vegetation you have in the area. It is easier before you plant. Use roundup or pick the weeds by hand. Get all the roots It is best to plant the seeds when the average temperature is 55to 70 degrees and just before the rainy season. Which is usually Spring in most of the country.

 In very warm climates you would plant in fall or winter. Don't till up the ground deeper than an inch if you can help it because it will bring up dormant weed seeds. If you are planting a pound of wildflower mix you should add 8 to 12 cups of sand to the mix. Or use 1⁄4 cup of sand if you are planting a small packet of flower seeds. This way you will be able to see where you are spreading them and get a larger area covered. Keep sand and seeds mixed well at all times so they don't become separated. Throw out the seed by hand going over the area twice in two different directions. Keep mixing the seeds and sand. When you are done rake the seeds in lightly and walk over the area so the seeds come in good contact with the soil. You don't want the flower seed to go down in the soil any deeper than they are thick. There will be a lot of seeds on the surface. 

This is normal. Then just keep the soil moist not soggy. Once the seeds germinate don't let the soil dry out before the plants come up 3 to 5 inches or they will die. After the flowers are up with leaves water them when they topsoil looks dry. To get the correct coverage of the area you are planting use 8 to 10 pounds of Wildflower Meadow seed for each acre you are planting. 1 pound of seeds will cover 2500 square feet. One quarter pound will cover 600 square feet and one ounce should cover 150 square feet. Jeff Dahlberg

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