Alabama snow-wreath Neviusia alabamensis Beautiful Native Shrub

alabamensis Beautiful
 alabamensis Beautiful

In my quest for a native bee friendly garden the latest plant I have added is a personal favorite, Alabama snow-wreath Neviusia alabamensis. This shrub is native to the Southeastern United States and rare throughout its range. A beautiful addition to the spring garden, in May Alabama snow-wreath puts on a display of unique, feathery flowers on bare stems before leaves emerge. As it blooms it is not difficult to understand how this plant earned it’s name as unusual looking, snow white flowers cover the leafless stems. The lovely flower display has a long blooming season which can last for a month. After the petals fall they are replaced by tassel like clusters of long, delicate stamens which remain on the plant over the summer.

Alabama snow-wreath carries multi-season interest with it’s showy spring flowers, graceful arching shape in the summer followed by exfoliating light colored bark during the winter. It is a rounded, colony forming shrub with an open habit as it matures, preferring a shady location in the Southern heat and moist soils.

Alabama snow-wreath Neviusia alabamensis is listed as threatened by The Georgia Natural Heritage. It is a stunning addition to a garden, native bee friendly and one that, in my opinion, would be nice to see used more widely in the ornamental garden.

There is a lovely post on Fox Haven Journal regarding Alabama snow-wreath.

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