3 Exciting Activities Tour to Komodo Island and Its Surroundings

 3 Exciting Activities Tour to Komodo Island

3 Exciting Activities Tour to Komodo Island and Its Surroundings
Tour to Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of the islands in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia which is the original habitat of ancient Komodo dragons. Travel blogger Kadek Arini said, the tourist spot which was nominated in 2009 for the seven wonders of the world has other activities that can be done besides seeing the dragons.

1. Trekking on Komodo Island “There we can trekking. There are three choices of trekking routes, namely short, medium, and long. Can choose according to ability, "he said. He conveyed his statement in a virtual press meeting "Complete Protection of Life and Affordable Health", Monday (21/12/2020). He continued, tourists do not need to worry if they do not meet Komodo dragons along the way because they are many and famous.

2. See Komodo. Whichever trekking route is chosen according to the ability of tourists to take it, Kadek assures potential travelers will still see the Komodo dragon. "There are about two thousand Komodo dragons that are still alive. There are commodities usually hiding behind the forest. Three routes can see dragons because they are many and scattered, "said Kadek. Although seeing dragons may be one of the tourists' dreams, there are rules that must be obeyed, especially for female tourists.

"For women, there should be no menstruation because the Komodo dragon has a sharp smell. For those who come in the month (also), they cannot trekking on Komodo Island, ”he continued.

3. Selfie on Padar Island If you are still not satisfied with trekking activities on Komodo Island, Kadek suggests tourists to visit Padar Island. "Komodo National Park (TNK) is very large, so the attraction is not only Komodo Island but other beautiful islands. One of them is Padar Island, "he said. Meanwhile, Padar Island is the third largest island in KNP, which according to Kadek is not too far from Komodo Island, although to reach it you have to use a boat.

3 Exciting Activities Tour to Komodo Island and Its Surroundings

Kadek said the ship carrying tourists to the uninhabited prairie island would stop on the coast. “The road from the coast for trekking to the top of Padar Island. Trekking about 15-20 minutes, there are still stairs. You can go to the top of Padar Island, "he said. From this peak, tourists will be given natural views ranging from the ocean decorated with tourist boats to the top of the hills. Usually, travelers who arrive at the top of the hill on Padar Island will take advantage of the sunset to take pictures after trekking.

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