Building Determination and Causes of Failure

Building Determination

focus or full concentration to unite determination and all self-potential in a life goals and ideals.  We have a mind, which contains mind power to create hopes and dreams.

  Imagine in your mind what you aspire to come true.  For that everyone needs to be brave to dream big.  If you don't even dare to dream big, how can you do something that has big meaning in this life?  Mind power works just like hypnotherapy.  Mind power creates an authoritative energy in us.

  Authority is very important to create a big influence on the people around us, or the people we meet wherever they are.

 This influence will affect the attitudes of others so that their attitudes are in line with or support what we aspire to.  This is very important to clear the path of obstacles and obstacles.

 The path to success should be clear of obstacles and obstacles, especially those from other people.  You can get rid of all those obstacles thanks to the great energy of authority.

 So that it makes it easy for other people to agree or support your actions.  Mind power can be built and managed through a variety of techniques to become stronger.

 The stronger the mind power you have, the easier it will be to become a successful person.  Easy to find work, easy to get good opportunities.  What you propose is easy for others to accept.  What you suggest will be easy for many people to accept and obey.  That's what mind power is for.


  1.  Not focus.  The power of thought has a big enemy within yourself.  Among them is an attitude that is not focused on a goal, hope or ideal.  It makes the attitude of melancholy, if you have plans and goals, they always change.  Not until the plans and goals were realized, suddenly they changed direction with new plans and ideals.  Such an attitude makes it difficult for a person to realize plans and goals.
  2.  Doubtful.  This doubt is not the kind of skepticism or doubt to know, or the doubt that underlies the development of a careful, thorough and careful attitude.  But doubts that are negative in nature, namely insecurity, underestimating staff and the abilities of others.  Doubt is often a big obstacle to realizing the plans and goals that have been focused.
  3.  Mental Block.  Mental block is negative mental.  Like a parasite that clings to your healthy mind.  Mental block is really a deadly disease for the progress and success of your life.  Even an acute mental block can become a mental illness.  You can lose orientation in life, become discouraged, always be pessimistic, and easily give up.  Mental block is one of the factors that cause people to suffer from insanity and suicide.
  4.  Lack of knowledge.  You do not apply the principle of bonek, or reckless capital, without calculation alias nonsense.  Sure, you can succeed, but it's like playing gambling.  The chances of a losed are much greater than its success.  Not to mention that all big and small risks cannot be predicted accurately.  It is very risky, it could just make your life bankrupt and messy.  Realizing a plan really depends on how prepared you are by providing relevant knowledge and experience.  Without the support of science and learning from experience, mind power becomes less effective at work.
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