All in One Nanny Cam and Hidden Digital Video Recorders

Nanny Cam and Hidden Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders
Digital Video Recorders
Should you need to use a nanny cam or hidden digital video recorders for your home security, and you need to have more than one, then you definitely want to consider using a quad all-in-one system.

These hidden digital video recorders are great because not only can you operate multiple cameras, you can control them all from one sleek, compact unit. The multiplexer and the recorder are combined, so it does not matter where you place it.

These wonderful hidden digital video recorders have no tapes to worry about; you can set it up and forget it until you want to review a video.

There is no replacing worn out old tapes, no rewinding, no fuss, no muss, and that means no down time, and more importantly, no leaving your place unprotected while it is out for maintenance. Because it is a quad switcher, you can view all four cameras at the same time on one screen.

This system also allows you to set your hidden digital video recorders for continuous recording over a twenty-four hour period, or you can set it to be alarm activated, so that the cameras only switch on when an alarm is sounded.

This feature will extend the over all recording time. Plus one of the most beautiful things about this system is that you can record and playback simultaneously.

No need to stop recording just to access previously recorded material, and the handy search functions allow you to do frame-by-frame viewing, view the alarm events or you can use fast playback.

And you can record as slow as one frame every ten seconds or a fast as fifteen frames per second.

Why You May Need Some Concealed and Hidden Cameras

Now let's look at why hidden cameras have become so popular and why prudent people have them and what exactly they can be used for.

You have young children. You hire a babysitter. What happens when you leave the house? You have older children that don't need a sitter. What happens when you leave the house? You have a nanny-a trusted part of the family.

What happens when you are not there? Are you curious about what happens when you leave the business you own, after all you can't be there 24/7? Do you really trust all those employees?

Hidden cameras, spy cameras, surveillance cameras come in many sizes and shapes. There's bound to one just right for almost any situation.

They are meant to blend in with their surroundings so no one would suspect they are being watched.

They are becoming more popular as part of an overall home security system and a recognized way of providing home security monitoring.

A book, a pair of glasses, a boombox, clock radio, wall clock, smoke detector, a motion detector all are examples of items used to house hidden cameras. Most are available with night vision capability to see in almost complete darkness. They are easy to install-most can be either wired or wireless. And they have become very cost effective.

Remember TRUST BUT VERIFY. And the only way you can do that is with another set of eyes and ears-a HIDDEN CAMERA. So if you are not sure what's going on when you are not at home or at your business-get a hidden camera and find out.

If you think crime can only happen to the other guy you are wrong. The "other guy" is thinking the same thing and YOU are that "other guy". There is a reason why they call it self defense. You have to protect yourself, your family, your home and business!!

The Hidden Digital Video Security systems that you choose really depends on your needs. Many people still opt for the conventional audio monitors but more and more people these days are turning to concealed security cameras like the teddy bear Nanny cam video monitors and the latest Tissue Box nanny cameras.

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