A Guide to Garden Torches

Guide to Garden Torches

Guide to Garden Torches
Garden Torches
Garden torches add excitement and flair to the outdoor environment. They are used to define garden rooms, add ambiance to an outdoor dining area or to offer a romantic feel to a deck or patio. Many different torch styles are available. Choose from the well-known Tiki style torch to tabletop styles made from copper or glass. Some models even have clear propane tanks set in decorative holders.


Many different types of garden torches are available. They can be made from wood or wicker with bamboo poles. These are the well-known Tiki torches. Other types of garden torches are made from metals or decorative glass. There are tabletop styles. Tabletop torches can fit onto a patio umbrella pole or stand alone on a tabletop or post. Some models have poles that attach to a deck and others are placed into the ground.


Garden torches require fuel to burn. Some will use paraffin, others burn petroleum based oils. Gas models are available that run on propane gas. There are electric models available too, although they do not have an open flame like the other torches do. Environmentally conscious individuals can use olive oil instead of petroleum based oils in oil burning garden torches.


People use garden torches for many reasons. Outdoor lighting is the main purpose of the garden torch. Tabletop styles will offer a romantic feel to an outdoor dining area. Large torches can be used to give a tropical feel to a pool area. Gas powered torches burn brighter than oil garden torches and are well suited for lighting pathways and entrances.

It Started with a Tiki Torch

Garden torches became popular when in 1934 Donn Beach started opening restaurants with a Polynesian theme and the décor included garden or Tiki torches. These restaurants were known as Tiki bars. Starting in California, the popularity of Polynesian bars spread across the US. All of the restaurants had Tiki torches as part of the décor. After World War II, South Pacific themes became popular in gardens and entertainment. Thus the garden torch became a permanent object in American gardens.

Safety Concerns

Placement of garden torches requires some forethought. Garden torches burn fuel and have an open flame. Care should be taken to place torches where they are far enough away from combustible materials as to not cause a fire hazard. Small children should be supervised around burning garden torches.

Garden torches have evolved into more than just Tiki torches. They can add a designer’s touch to your yard or deck. Choosing the right look is easier than ever. Maybe you can go “green” and burn olive oil instead of a petroleum based product. No matter what you choose, the look created will be unique to your yard.

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