9 Top Tips For Easy Garden Care

Easy Garden Care


Garden Care
Garden Care

Are you looking for a way to improve your outdoor garden and bring it up a level? How about nine different ways......then you’ve come to the right place!.

Tip #1

Your garden is only one part of your yard. To make your garden really stand out, make sure your lawn is nicely mowed and landscaped and that you have the right outdoor accessories to match your garden theme. Consider matching the various flowers to the outdoor furniture patterns.

Tip #2

Plants and flowers are as sensitive to smoke as humans, so if you are a smoking household, try to plant your garden away from your outdoor tobacco area.

Tip #3

Plants need a rich moist soil to survive and thrive. The soil should be able to retain moisture but also not too wet. You need to find that happy sponge-like medium when it comes to soil.

Tip #4

If your soil is not performing the way you want it to, use manure or compost to even it out.

Tip #5

There are plenty of at-home remedies that act as excellent fertilizer for your garden. This includes tea leaves, coffee grounds and banana peels. Instead of throwing these materials into the garbage, head outside and sprinkle them into your garden.

Tip #6

The easiest plants to grow and maintain are annuals. For beginning gardeners, start out with annuals which can survive on about two watering days a week.

Tip #7

All plants are different and have different growing environments. Make sure you always read the label and follow the instructions when it comes to plant care and growth. It’s important to provide the right watering and climate conditions for the various types of plants. Plants, like people, can be very very picky.

Tip #8

Your garden is only as good as the tools you possess; make sure you have the right gardening tools for the jobs and take good care of them by washing them after each use. Leaving dirt on your gardening tools can cause them to rust and need replacement much faster.

Tip #9

Finally, be aware of the dangers that come with gardening. Kids trampling, insects and pests, harsh weather conditions and playful pets can all affect the growth of your garden. Teach your kids that the garden is off limit for tag; train your dog and cat to do their business elsewhere; and be aware of the various pests and insects that can harm your plants.

Just by following these nine simple tips will ensure your garden is always your pride & the envy of all your neighbors!.

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