Shed Organizing Tips for Gardeners

 Shed Organizing for Gardeners

Organizing Tips for Gardeners

A well-kept garden shed doesn’t only make it easy for you to find things in a flash, but it also lessens your exposure to danger. And it also makes the shed stand out and your garden, prettier. Especially if you’re an avid gardener who’s using the shed as storage or for potting, keeping the structure organized is a must.

The first step in decluttering your garden shed is to empty it. After you’ve taken out all the contents of your storage, sort them into “keep,” “sell,” “donate,” and “dispose.” Immediately throw away broken and useless items that don’t have any chance of being repaired. Give away things you don’t need. And start the organizational process on what would remain in stock.

Utilize free space

  • Walls provide space for organizing bits and pieces of gardening materials. Attach a pegboard with different sizes of hooks to hang hand and power tools.
  • If the shed doesn’t have a built-in cabinet, a free-standing rack will be useful to stack baskets, bins, buckets, or boxes for keeping fertilizers, vegetable seeds, and other small items. Invest in quality racks that can withstand heavy load, but still, never overload them.

Add more shelves

  • If you have too many pots and containers, store them in their own space. Avoid mixing items together so you’ll know where to get them instantly.
  • A gardener always requires the use of small tools, so it’s important to use a tool box and detachable compartments before you place them in drawers and shelves.
  • Use the space above to store holiday decorations and other seasonal materials so that they remain undisturbed and out of the way until the time has come to make use of them.

Store large equipment near the door

• Reserve the space at the entrance of the shed for large garden equipment, such as lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, and water hose sprayer. Make sure there’s enough space to allow easy entry and exit and to avoid any possible accident.

• If there’s a bladed equipment or something with a protruding sharp feature, however, place them in a spot where it’s impossible for children to access them.

Put labels

  • Even if you know everything in the shed, put labels on containers, boxes, and even on doors of cabinets to remind you where to get and return things.
  • Labeling is also recommended if there are other people using the shed and getting things in it. Let everyone know where items are supposed to be placed.

If you enjoy gardening, organizing your shed or storage is worth every effort. It may take some time to complete organizing all the clutter, but you’ll be gratified once the task is done. You’ll be able to spend more time tending the garden than looking for that spade or pair of shears. And with everything in its proper place, you also save yourself from all the cuts and bruises you might get out of knocking things down or tripping on that garden hose. Lastly, you’ll also feel good seeing that your shed looks as neat as the rest of your lovely garden.

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