3 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Gardening

 Why You Should Take Up Gardening

Why You Should Take Up Gardening

Gardening is one of the best ways to maintain a connection with nature in urban life, and can be a simple way to relax whilst also keeping you busy. Here are some reasons why you should take up gardening, whether as a casual hobby or a serious pursuit:

Growing your own food

If you work on your little vegetable patch hard enough, you might even cut back significantly on the weekly trips to the grocer to replenish your stock of produce. Besides, fresh produce grown by your own hands in your own backyard tends to have a taste of its own, is cheaper, and is generally healthier for the lack of chemicals you usually find in the ones you get from commercial farms and the like. 

Good exertion

Gardening can be quite a demanding activity, in that you have to potter around the place and work on tasks like weeding, pruning, clearing up dead leaves and other gunk, apply compost or fertilizer and so on. All this is good exertion for your body and helps you stay fit and alert.

The rewards

Working so closely with nature, nurturing your own collection of plants and flowers and watching them grow and bloom over time gives you a sense of accomplishment that's unique. Although anyone can take it up, gardening is essentially hard work and involves careful study of techniques and close monitoring on a regular basis. Of course you'll feel that rousing sense of achievement when you manage to maintain a good healthy garden. 

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