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garden plants
garden plants
Perennial flowers garden are easy to cultivate and also they are one of the good investments. Perennial gardens are the easiest types of planting while annuals require less care at the year end. There are certain instructions to be followed in developing the perennial garden. Select your type of perennial garden you wanted to fix from different varieties such as winding garden, path garden, formal garden, perennial border and other garden themes. Once establishing the garden it is easy to maintain and grow beautiful flower garden.

Choosing a Perennial flower seeds for garden

Creating a perennial garden is not a difficult task though it takes some time and some effort for choosing, planting and maintenance at the first stage. This later has a valuable yield at the later stage of the life time of the plant. Here is some information on choosing the suitable perennial garden plants and flowers.

  1. There are a wide variety of perennial flowering plant gardens such as water garden, winding garden, theme garden, formal garden, winding garden path etc.
  2. Perennial gardens are good investments over the other such decorative flowering plants that comes back yearly.
  3. Choosing among the variety plays a major role in choosing the best plant suitable for the specific areas.
  4. Variation starts from color, length of blooms, flowering season, planting methods, seedling time, height, fragrance of flowers etc.
  5. Healthy growth of the plant starts from the second year of the planting stage as we can see a resulting growth in the plant with good escalation.
  6. Get the last longing plant to save energy and maintenance on a short lived plant. Opting for a day lily is easy for starters than fussy clematis.
  7. Foresee replacing short-term columbines which has to be replaced by three to four years and make a new bed with peony that lasts for decades.

Perennial flower garden designing

Spending time on selection of the plant cost more, which can be made valuably worthy only if the design and placement of the plant at precise place in developing a perennial flower garden. Take more time designing and plan to set the garden right at the place.

  • Divide the garden into sections and space the location for good ventilation and spacious to have a great look. Planting in sections like front side middle and back portion will make the garden look neat and creditable setting.
  • Choose the plants that are to be placed based on lengths too. The front side of the garden can have plants from 12 to 18 inches high where as the middle part can contain 1 to 3 feet tall flower plants finally the back end of the plant can have a set of perennial plants reaching a height of around 3 to 5 feet tall. This set up can make the garden look evenly arranged with similar bunches of colored flowers placed together with height variance showing a layered appearance.
  • Check for suitability of location with parameters such as soil type, water and sunlight focus and the weather maintenance conditions choose plants that grows well in the available environment making the best out of the existence.
  • Select varied flower types with alternative blooming times that can keep up flowers round the year in the garden. Layerings with apt perennial flower garden with bulbs deep in the ground are essential.
  • There are several websites holding information on a range of forms in plants, on how to set the perennial garden, tips to grow more plants, ideas on design, and some interesting pattern of planting seeds, and many more.
  • Grouping of colors too decides on the looks of the garden. Bring together red, orange and yellow as one and pinks, blues, purples as other bunch and other shades of greenish yellow or brown too with leafy plants as one section.
  • Include some of the natural perennial plants to the design that can prove to the existence of the garden conditions easily.
  • Perennial garden plants online helps the purpose of purchasing the right plant for the suitability and getting a suitable plant with flexible maintenance facility makes the gardening activity more easy.
  • Combination of other plants such as annuals with the perennials also worth with flowering shrubs such as red sedum, pink flowering almonds, scented roses, ground coverings, climbers with varied blend of species that can work well.

Maintenance of Perennials

Garden set up starts with the planting of the plants at the beginning stage. Buy garden plants, perennial flowering plants, seeds, shoots, bulbs or root cuts inorder to start the planting process. You can get all the varieties from reputed catalog sources or from online purchasing or a local greenhouse nursery. Make the garden beds suitable for the perennial plants. Cheap garden plants can also add more life to the yearly and long living perennials. Planting in groups with same kind of plants can help ease maintenance factors. Take care of the color combinations by placing together the plants brighter and lush. Fill the empty space with fresh greens like grasses, ferns, hostas etc enhancing the beauty of the flowers. Maintenance of the flower garden need some care to keep off weed, bugs and harmful pests that cause damage to the plants. Mulching, watering and removal of spent flowers, spent blooms helps the garden look neat with fine blooms. Choose the suitable perennial plant that grows well in your growing zone with importance to the sensitive plants to adopt from the weather changes.

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