How to Pick the Right Company for a Home Business


Company for a Home Business
Company for a Home Business

How do you decide which company is the right company to work with in a home business?  With so many companies trying to get your commitment with promises of getting rich, having just the right product and providing support, how do you decide which one is telling you the truth.  Maybe they all are … to some degree.

Here are some tips for making an educated and informed decision on picking the right company:

  1. Pick a company that has a product with an untapped, wide open market.  Avoid a company that offers a product that has already saturated the market and people are no longer interested.  Also, a product that doesn’t require expensive inventory involving shipping costs.
  2. Pick a company that is based off of powerful, current trends.  Have you noticed how infomercials move from one product to another – they stay their course and move on.  Pick a product that is needed in this tough economy.
  3. Pick a company that is established with a solid reputation, such a listing on NYSE, A+ rating on BBB and top company listing with Forbes and other major entrepreneurial publications.
  4. The company has a killer retention rate (if not, then your residual income will fall).
  5. The company should have a low start-up cost (or growth of your business will die).
  6. A ridiculous compensation plan that rewards EVERYONE for the right activities.
  7. My research tells me there is only one company that fits these parameters – Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Product is affordable and convenient legal services.

  • Legal assistance is needed more now than ever in this economy with the increase in foreclosures, repossessions, loss of jobs and many other legal situations.  Contract and document reviews are critical to help you understand what’s in that small print.
  • Pre-Paid Legal has an A+ rating with BBB, is listed on NYSE, is well established with over 37 years in business, has been listed in all major success and entrepreneurial publications.
  • The retention rate is high – people stay in the business because of the rewards of residual income which is the result of providing a much needed product by law firms that have experienced lawyers trained with customer care.
  • The current start-up cost to form your own business, to work from home, get paid on a daily basis is $72 – and you don’t have to maintain a product inventory.

Or, if you’d like more information or if you would like to get invited to a local event to learn more about Pre-Paid Legal and get your questions answered, you can sign up for more information on the HOME page.

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