Garden Design Principles


Garden Design Principles
Garden Design Principles

This time, we will briefly run through some of the basic design elements that should be thought about before you go ahead and start making the garden happen. A little though here can get great results in the end. Once again, the principles have been taken from

this great site.scale, texture, colour

Proportion, Order, and Balance Balance, or symettry can be achieved in a formal garden by the repetition of colour,the scale of plants, the type of plants and the texture of plants, just to name a few methods. Have a think about what effects you want to achieve, and if you are looking at colour, maybe think about a high contrast of bright colours to muted ones.

Harmony and Unity

You can choose to have a focal point as the uifying element, this is popularin the form of fountains. Unity can also be accomplished by using limited colours,and the repetition of plants.

transitional scaling

Flow How do you want the eye of the obsrever to 'flow' over your garden.The eye can be lead up and down by changes in the scale of plants andchanges in the colour palette. You can also create the illusion of depth by scaling plants in a transition from small to large, away from the viewer. Think about these things, and also where and when the garden will be viewed.

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