The Art of Gardening - Drought Tips

The Art of Gardening
The Art of Gardening

What to Do in Times of Drought

Australia has many different environments, but much of this vast land is very dry. Here are some tips, courtesy of the master Don Bourke, about what to do, and what to avoid doing in the dry times...



If you use plastic pots, or ceramic pots that are glazed on the inside, you don't need as much water. Try to avoid using terracotta, concrete, and sandstone pots, as these materials are porous.

Water in the Rain

No, I'm not losing my mind. Watering in the rain will allow you to deep water plants. The rain will wet the top-soil, and additional hand watering will allow you to penetrate to the roots, and avoid fast-evaporation. Don't worry about the looks from the neighbours!

Collecting Rainwater

This is a good sustainable option regardless of whether it is drought or not. You can ask the local council to modify downpipes and gutters to feed a rainwater tank, and use that as the water source for your garden.

Trees and Shrubs

Not watering trees and shrubs in the drought will ensure they die quickly. Keep an eye on them.


The Lawn

Forget the Lawn. No amount of aeration, watering, or fertilizing is going to do much to the lawn. Lawns can regenerate after the 'brown-out' in times of drought. Keep the watering for plants.

Don't Fertilize

Fertilizing in drought can burn the roots of plants. You can fertilize when it rains, and if you insist on doing it when it doesn't, use a slow release fertilizer to avoid burning.

I must thank Don Bourke for his wonderful knowledge.

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