Steps for Cultivating Red Wine

Cultivating Red Wine

Cultivating Red Wine
Red Wine

Red wine is a fruit that has many benefits so many people want to cultivate it. Here is an article about Steps for Cultivating Red Wine this.

A. Red Grape Seeds

Prepare red grape seeds that are about 1.5 - two months old with a root length of about 5 - 10 cm, and sprout 2. To get grape seeds is also not difficult, you can buy at ornamental plant sellers. The best planting process is carried out around April-June.

B. Place

To cultivate red grapes, make planting holes 50 x 50 x 50 cm / 60 x 60 x 60 cm, in a spacing of 3 x 3 xm / 5 x 4 m, mix the topsoil with manure, sand and natural GLIO and fill it into the soil. holes, do not forget to create a flow of irrigation water and drainage.

C. Watering and Fertilizing Red Wine

The vines are watered twice a day, mature once every three days, a month before cutting the irrigation is stopped, and after cutting the plants are given back, 1 week before harvesting the irrigation is stopped again and irrigated again three days before harvest.

And for fertilization, it is carried out by spreading and mixing the soil evenly in a circle along 25 cm from the stalk and then closing it and irrigating it or by pouring fertilizer. fertilized with fertilizer containing N (urea), carried out every 10 days until the age of three months, fertilizing 10 g/tree. Then, plants for 3-6 months need 15 grams/tree every 15 days, 6-12 months need 50 grams/tree every 30 days. After the plant is four years old, fertilization is given once a year near the cutting of fruiting.

D. Red Vine Cutting

Make vines as a way before making cuts. Cutting is carried out when it is one year old, cut the basic stem of the shoot that comes out of the base stalk is called the primary branch, two weeks later the primary branch is cut, the shoot that grows from the primary branch is called the secondary branch, the secondary branch which reaches 1 meter long. In the cut that will produce tertiary branches, the following tertiary branches will produce flowers and later become fruit. Branches that are ready to be cut are branches whose shoot tips are easy to cut and when cut they drip water.

E. Red Grape Fruits and Flowers

In grape cultivation, cutting is carried out in 2 stages in one year, namely in March - April and July - August. Each shoot leaves 3 flowers and the buds that grow above the flowers should be cut until they become fruit. Fruit that is not normal, crushed, long-stemmed and attached should be cut using new scissors, carried out when the fruit is the size of an tamarind seed. Bundle the fruit with cement paper or also with a clear plastic bag so that the fruit is free from pests or during the rainy season. [read Grape Cultivation and Benefits of Grapes].

Harvesting grapes is ready to be carried out when it is a year old and so on 1-2x in one year.

As soon as the article on the Steps of Cultivating Red Wine, hopefully it is useful.

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