A List Of Online Jobs Single Mothers Can Do In Their Spare Time

Jobs Single Mothers

Jobs Single Mothers
Jobs Mothers

I grew up with a single mother and always remember her taking on extra work to bring in some much needed income. She did this all the way through my high-school years and when I asked why she worked so much she replied “so I can pay for your college”. I’m finished with college and I have my mother living in a nice house with everything she could possibly want. But I have a soft-spot in my heart for single mothers. So I have made this list for them.

Below is a list of online jobs that any single mother can do from home. You won’t make a ton of money, but it should help pay a few bills. Who knows, maybe you’ll just make this into your small business?


I started blogging when I was middle school. The first blog I ever created was a review site about soda. Eventually at the height of the .com boom I sold it for 5 figures. Now I’m not going to say you’ll sell your blog off like me for 5 figures, but blogs aren’t hard to make money with. In fact, it shouldn’t be difficult to make a few hundred a month with one. That’s why I recommend blogging. All you need is a host, domain, and the Wordpress blogging CMS(content management system).

Article Writer

Article writing is by far the best way to start making some cash. You don’t have to have much experience. As long as your grammar is decent and your native tongue is English you shouldn’t have a problem. Most webmasters need articles (content) for their websites. Even some small businesses need them. If you’re interested in writing articles, I suggest you visit webmaster forums and freelance websites. There is always plenty of work.

Theme Designer

Have you ever visited a really awesome site? Well a designer designed it. . . So why not become a theme designer? There are a ton of free content management systems (cms) that webmasters and small businesses use. So why not cater to their market and offer unique themes at an affordable price?


Online surveys won’t make you a millionaire anytime soon, but they could pay a bill or two every month. I don’t recommend online surveys but they do exist. The problem is finding a reliable one that pays out. Once you’ve found one though you can create a nice, steady income stream every month.

Just because you’re a single mother doesn’t mean you have to struggle. Start working online today and make some extra cash for Christmas, birthdays, or just some extra shopping cash.

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