15 Smart Home Makeover Ideas

Smart Home Makeover Ideas

Whether you’re looking to sell, or just want to upgrade your place, curb appeal makes a world of difference.

It is “Nothing” to do with dark magic.

This is 15 Curb appeal makeovers that will double your home‘s value

  1. Choosing the right paint color can completely transform your house. Because this “before” photo looks blah, but the “after” is a total fairy tale.
  2. And who wouldn’t want to host a party in this Mad Men-inspired makeover? Play up the genre of your place to add instant character Do you have a 60’s vibe, Ranch style home? Look into retro accent colors and mod exterior fixtures.
  3. Or get cozy in this lurking to lovely transformation? Tall trees and shrubs can make a small house look smaller. Look for lush ground cover plants. and add a few pops of color to build more dimension to your walkway.
  4. This metamorphosis went from dull to a dollhouse. Add exterior architectural details to your home like “attractive trim” and a “stone walkway”. To turn a standard structure into a period piece. Learn more about exterior outfitting from link we pasted inside info area.
  5. Check out this evolution from demon house to A dream house. Patterned tile accents to your walkway can add color. and personality. to a neutral, toned house.
  6. This home went from kind of creepy to totally classy Change the trajectory and length of your walkway to make for a grander entrance. On a short lot
  7. And this door can now show its face in the neighborhood. A brightly colored door is a great way to draw attention to your house and make it feel inviting Check out description to get a guide how to pick a perfect color for your door.
  8. This grim nightmare became a walk in the park. The contrast between a lighter walkway. And darker mulch creates an illusion of length to a smaller entrance.
  9. And this house was totally basic until it got some makeup. Use a light trim color to highlight the architectural lines of the house. This will add more shape and dimension to your home‘s overall appearance.
  10. Some houses need a fully loaded front lawn to “Seal the Deal” Adding a few steps to your walkway and framing a small garden with a fence. adds more interest to a smaller front yard.
  11. While others can benefit from a few window boxes. That was easy. You can buy some window boxes at window box.
  12. Faux shutters turned this weird bank into a respectable home. Get the boards cut at the hardware store and you won’t even need a saw. Get the instructions at House Logic.
  13. And this brown paradise got some interesting contrast: Also, contrasting colors draw more attention to the windows.
  14. This home got a pergola and shed its granny vibe. Remove any wrought iron gates that can dwarf an already small entrance.
  15. While this one got instantly more cozy with a front door over hang. Add over hang or an awning to add dimension and substance to simpler ranch-style house.

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