Three flowers that can survive the heat of summer in your garden

 flowers that can survive the heat of summer in your garden

flowers that can survive the heat of summer in your garden
Dahlia is a powerful flower
Let’s face it, while summer can be a great time to implement your green thumb and grow things, the heat can be incredibly tough on some plants to thrive in the conditions or adapt. This leaves many gardeners having to strategize their planting choices, to best take on summer’s cruel heat, which has steadily increased in recent years. So what flowers are the best options to beat the heat?

Our first contender is the gorgeous Aster flower. The Aster comes in a few different colors, including white, lavender, and pink. It is one of the strongest flowers to thrive in the summer months, and is easy to keep alive under hot conditions. Not only are they efficient in their use of water, but asters are also just a beautiful flower addition to any garden.

Our second contender is the spectacular Dahlia. Dahlias grow with huge blossoms that have layered petals in a wide range of colors including multiple colors in the same flower. The Dahlia is a powerful flower that also thrives in the summer heat, under the pounding sun. Dahlia’s can brighten up any plot, and add a gorgeous cornerstone to any home garden.

Our third choice is the bold and enduring Yarrow flower. The Yarrow forms as bundles, or clusters of smaller flowers, and do best under the intense and full summer sun. Yarrow comes in many different colors including bright yellow and pale blues. Planting Yarrow in your summer garden will leave you with a fighter in tough environmental conditions, a formidable flower that can thrive in intense heat, poor soil, and sparse water.

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