How to eliminate mold from your lawn

eliminate mold from your lawn

eliminate mold from your lawn
eliminate mold from your lawn
Whatever the color and shape, when lawn fungus or mold invades, you must act promptly to get rid of it. Otherwise, you risk having it spread. If you allow it to spread, it will kill your grass and make it very difficult for you to bring your lawn to its former glory. 

There are several types of mold; they look like dead patches that appear white, black, grey, or pink. Let us start with ways of preventing mold.

Fertilize your lawn

Verify the nitrogen levels of your lawn.  Too much nitrogen in the soil, especially during late fall, might invite the formation of snow mold.  On the other hand, if the soil does not receive enough nitrogen and potassium, it becomes weak and attracts mold. Use the right amount of fertilizer since the lack of nitrogen attracts mold just as much as excess does.

Keep it at a healthy height

The best height could be 2/3 of the grass plant. If you cut your lawn too short, it becomes full of young grass which is very susceptible to fungi. 

Water your lawn only as much as necessary

Pull out that hose very early in the morning.  This allows the wind and morning sun to take away the excess water, which is a breeder for mold.

Mulch autumn leaves

Mulching the leaves with a lawnmower instead of piling them up is the best option.  Piled up leaves is a good place for mold to grow.

Allow the sun to come in

A shady and wet area is always prone to disease.  Let your complete lawn get some sun, as much as possible.

If your lawn is already infested by fungi and mold, you should apply a fungicide or fungal control product to your lawn. It is important to know which anti-fungal to choose since some of them might not be as effective in all circumstances.

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