Hanging Lanterns for Weddings: A Few Things You Should Know

 Hanging Lanterns for Weddings

Hanging Lanterns for Weddings
Hanging Lanterns for Weddings

First, you might want to step back and think. The wedding reception will go to about 7:00PM, which is around when the sun goes down. Now, you don’t want Dad’s old spot light illuminating the pavilion, so what do you do? Is there are sophisticated, classy way to illuminate a wedding reception without spending an arm and a leg on your budget? A great idea is to go hanging lanterns for weddings.

Lanterns Save Money

First, there are plenty of ways to spend money on weddings, but if you use your creativity, you can get away with low budget fixes that look like a five-star party experience.

For instance, those hanging lanterns for weddings will allow you to do several things. You will not have to be limited to how far the extension cord can reach; you will not have to worry about spending more than $10 per lantern; and last, you will not have to worry about catching the wedding on fire.

But, there are a few things that you should note before you go buying those lanterns.

Fire Hazards

A lot of people really love the look of fire. It’s romantic, festive, and peaceful. However, if you’re not careful, that fire can bring an unfortunate ending to your beautiful wedding in an awful hurry. That is one reason why many people say that you should simply just avoid using candle-lit lanterns as light sources. Now, lighting candles at your table will be all right, but you don’t want them hanging throughout the party grounds.

So, your best bet is to use other sources of light. Conventional bulbs can get hot, and especially if you are using Chinese hanging lanterns, this will end up causing a problem. It is best if you stick with LED lights for your wedding’s lanterns.

LED options are cheap, energy efficient, brilliant, and soft (if you need it to be). Also, they are lightweight, which will make them ideal for the weddings.


If you are wondering what would make a great illuminator for your wedding reception, then you may want to go with Japanese style hanging lanterns for the wedding. These will allow you to do several things, and will provide several options and advantages that will make things simple.

Japanese hanging lanterns don’t merely have to look Asian. That might not be the look you are going for… so if you are using Japanese paper lanterns, then simply use paper and designs that fit your style. At the end of the day, they will just look like light orbs, which can have any design you choose.

Also, the Japanese flying paper lanterns will be able to go anywhere, allowing you lots of decorative flexibility. They are extremely cheap, which means that you can stretch your budget even further. Last, if you use LED’s, then they won’t prove to be a fire hazard. The worst that can happen is that one falls to the ground, and lands in Grandma’s lap.

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