Stephanotis Floribunda: Madagascar Jasmine

 Stephanotis Floribunda or Madagascar Jasmine

Madagascar Jasmine
Madagascar Jasmine

A rampant climber, Stephanotis Floribunda, known as Madagascar Jasmine can reach between 8 and 15 feet. It is best trained around a wire hoop, cane or up a trellis. The white, star-shaped flowers have a strong, exotic perfume, and are often used in brides' bouquets.

Flowers appear throughout summer, but the best display is in June. It is an ideal plant for a plant window or a conservatory where conditions remain constant. High temperatures during the plant's resting period can make it weak and spindly as well as bringing on attacks from different pests and insects.

  • Light: Stephanotis Floribunda enjoys an abundance of bright light, but it is important to keep it out of bright sun
  • Temperature: Cool and constant conditions are the things to aim for because the Madagascar Jasmine dislikes any fluctuations in temperature
  • Watering: Water generously from April to September but make sure that the pot is always well-drained
  • Feeding: Feed the Madagascar Jasmine every two weeks during spring and summer, using fertiliser at half strength
  • Diseases and pests: Scale and mealy bugs favour this plant. Treat with systemic malathion. Individual pests can be eliminated using a cotton swab dipped in methylated spirits
  • Propagation: Seeds will germinate in about a month, but generally it is propagated by half-mature stem cuttings taken during spring and summer. Use rooting hormone to shorten the rooting time

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