Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

 Raised Bed Vegetable

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden
 Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Raised bed vegetable garden is the best choice for the people living in rocky areas or areas in which soil is sandy and not rich enough for growing vegetables. Raised beds allow the gardener to choose the soil that is best suited for the kind of vegetable he is growing.

Growing vegetables is a hobby generally adopted by aged people for whom it is difficult to get down to their knees and work. Raised bed gardens make their job easier as they can do all the regular gardening work simply by sitting or standing with minimum effort. There is less stretching, bending or leaning on raised bed garden for routine gardening work. Moreover pulling out the weeds from raised bed is also easy when compared to normal gardening. Weeds are actually minimized to a large extent on raised beds.

All vegetables require at least 5-6 hours of full sunlight to grow better. Raised bed vegetable garden gets much better exposure to sun light as due to its raised nature, overshadowing of garden with other objects is minimized and garden gets maximum exposure to sunlight. Better exposure to sunlight means better quality of vegetables.

Only problem in raised bed gardens is, they require excessive watering, in other words raised bed gardens must be hydrated more often when compared to normal garden. But this problem can be solved easily by preparing a regular pipe and tap system that can provide water to all corners of the garden. Once the system is at its place, watering the garden becomes very simple and you need to simply open and close the tap timely.

Generally raised bed gardens are made as permanent structures with good watering and drainage systems. You can plant comfortably on such garden beds by adding fertilizers and soil that is best suited for the kind of vegetable you want to grow. Preparing such raised beds can be expensive for first time. But once the bed is ready you can use it over and over again for several years.

Raised bed gardens are not only useful for growing vegetables but you can also grow colorful flowers in between vegetable which look wonderful and add beauty to your lawn or garden. If you plan nicely and make your bed properly it blends nicely with your garden. Growing nice colorful flowers and plants in such raised bed gardens looks very attractive and beautiful.

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