Gardening: Starting a Lawn

Lawn Care Tips: Starting from Scratch

Starting from Scratch
Starting from Scratch

Today's article is about starting a lawn from scratch. What are the options, and what are the steps? Here's a few tips from the good people at about gardening...

Seeding lawns is the way to go really. Seeding offers a wider variety of options, and is cheaper. So you can say 'sod-off' to sod. Here's how to do it...

1. Remove old lawns/weeds

If thery exist, tear it out. The best method, and most ecologically sound is to simpley use a flat-nosed shovel. Make sure you get the roots, and

test your soil pH level (most lawns prefer a pH level between 6.0 and 7.5).

2. Tiller

Break up the soil with a tiller that can be rented from a local gardening centre. Psycho-uber-keen-freaks can do it manually, but you may find you perspirate to a disturbing degree.

3. Fertilizer

Spread a high-[hosphorous fertilizer over the soil at this stage.

4. Soil Conditioner/ Compost

Now, spread "soil conditioner" (conceptually similar to hair conditioner) over the soil. The local nursery will help you choose a good one. Better yet, if you compost (good on ya!) then this is as good, if not better.

5. Mixin'

Using the tiller, till the soil conditioner/ compost and fertilizer into the soil. It's a lot of work, i'll be honest, but good soil preparation means a great lawn.

6. Levelling

Level the soil to remove rocks, and make sure if you need to grade the soil, that it runs away from the house. This is important.

7. Rollin'

You need to hire a roller, to finish levelling. It compacts it a little, and you should water the soil lightly.

8. Seed Spreadin'

You need to disperse 1/4 of the seed over the entire lawn, 4 times. Follow the recommended seeding rate, and push the spreader in a different direction each time, to encourage an even dispersal, and hence a lush lawn with no patchiness. Then, rake lightly to cover te seed with a thin layer of soil.

9. Roller again!

Roll over the soil again, but empty the water out of the roller drum for a lighter roll.

10. Watering

Just when you thought you were done, here comes the watering maintenance! You need to water the seeds lightly (i stress the word lightly!), and the ground evenly, perhaps several times a day (so perhaps do this activity when you get a couple of days free) to let the little fellas germinate.

11. More Watering

Once sprouting begins, you'll need to water at least twice a day. If you haven't got time to sit and watch the grass grow, maybe look into

automatic irrigation systems before planting.

Good luck!

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