5 Unique Ideas When Sending Flowers

 Unique Ideas When Sending Flowers

Unique Ideas When Sending Flowers
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When most people think of ordering flowers online, they usually think of roses. There are so many more ways to be creative–whether it is to express love, friendship, sympathy, congratulations, etc. I like to be nontraditional, so that my thoughtfulness stands out, making it an even more worthwhile purchase. I mean why spend the money just to be a plain Jane (or Joe!). That is how I look at it.

In lieu of flowers, consider sending the following:

  • Citrus trees. A four-seasons lemon tree. These trees are fruitful year round (hence the name). A mini Calamondin orange tree is a popular choice as well.
  • Topiary Frames. Topiary frames surround a plant, forming a shape. These are beautiful to look at in a garden. You could opt to send a cat, rooster, heart, swan, etc. There are a multitude of options you can choose from to provide a unique gift tailored to that person’s interests.
  • House plants. While I love when my boyfriend brings me flowers (which he does quite often, the sweetheart!), I am so sad to see them die. A plant provides a long-term gift that keeps on giving. The Guzmania and Stephanotis make eye-catching additions to a room. Container gardening and indoor gardening are both a popular trend right now as well.
  • Silk flowers. Does your recipient have allergies, making it difficult to send floral arrangements. Silk flowers can be crafted so well, it is almost impossible to tell that they are not real. I have made this faux pas a few times myself.
  • Wines, chocolates or cakes. Some people just plain prefer to receive edibles as a gift. Not everyone is a fan of flowers. Sometimes it may not fit the occasion quite the way you want it to.

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