11 Perfect Vegetables for Container Gardening

 Perfect Vegetables for Container Gardening

Vegetables for Container Gardening
Vegetables for Container Gardening

Container gardening is perfect for indoor gardening or for those who have limited yard space to focus on growing vegetables they actually want.  Important aspects to consider when preparing vegetables for container gardening if is the amount of space each one requires any amount of sunlight, especially for those who plan on indoor gardening.  Some seeds are even available for “mini” vegetables, which are specifically for growing vegetables in containers.

Here are 11 ideas for planting vegetables in containers:

Beets.  Beats have very decorative and colorful stalks and leaves, making them an attractive vegetable plant for container gardening.  Consider placing the plants in a location that will be seen the most by others.

Bell peppers.  Bell peppers are perfect for container gardening, especially on warm patios.  The seeds for bell peppers only take 14 to 21 days to germinate.

Cabbage.  Popular to contrary belief, cabbage is much more compact a vegetable plant than most brassicas.  Consider growing red and savoy cabbage plants to change things up a bit.

Carrots.  Shorter thick film varieties of carrots grow better in containers than large winter carrots, which take longer to mature.  Look for an 18 inch container to plant carrot seeds in as they do not grow well in shallow locations.

Cucumbers.  Cucumbers are good for container gardening due to how tolerable they are of lower temperatures.  Plant cucumber seeds in the container outside, as cucumbers do not some respond well to being transplanted.

Lettuce.  Lettuce is another great vegetable plant choice for container gardening as lettuce matures quickly and does not require much room.  Lettuce is a good choice to grow in between other plants in larger containers as well.

Peas.  Peas are another optimal choice for container gardening and can utilize a decorative trellis.  Make sure you have the height available in the location of your pea plants or look for a variety that does not grow quite as tall.  Peas may require protection from wind and birds.

Scallions.  Scallions are very small and an easy choice for growing in containers.  Scallions grow up quickly and do not take much room.

Tomatoes.  Tomatoes are another plant that may require a decorative trellis, but you can look for dwarf tomatoes that generally grow no more than 8 inches in height if you are limited on space.

Zucchini.  Zucchini is a popular transplant vegetable, but they can be grown in position in a container is well.  Zucchini requires a rich soil mix to thrive.

Consider the growing these vegetables when you are indoor gardening or vegetable gardening in a limited space.  And container gardening is a decorative and fun way for beginner in export vegetable gardeners alike.

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